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  2. Hello All, Sorry for the story, but I am confused. After reading all the articles on here with AC Noise Issues/Excessive alternator load, I began disconnecting my grid heaters (at the battery) during the warmer months (40F+). Over the holidays, I took a trip to the mountains for some time in the snow so I hooked back up the grids and first start up the check engine light kicked on. The engine was idling fine, but i noticed the voltage gauge took a long time to recover from the initial grid usage and every trigger (2 times) before I took it down the road to just check
  3. Hello All, Its been awhile, I kind of did a "mod" to my truck life that has distracted me for some time now but I still have the old rig / will soon pick-up where i left off as now I need a tow rig! Hope you like the mod......
  4. I took a 150 mile trip this weekend and the results were fantastic! I was able to cruise down the freeway @ 65mph, with the windows crack 2-3 inches for ventilation, the music on low while holding a conversation at normal volume. The "extra" noise from the engine/turbo (no silencer ring) and road is reduced, there is no doubt its a second gen but the cab ride is way less "wearing". I have a few more summer trips planned, don't know if they'll all be in the truck but it gets some redemption points from the other passengers.
  5. The material wasn’t long enough, otherwise I probably would have done that. It spans from the front of the shift boot to the front of the plastic tray underneath the back seat
  6. Wait.....your work benches don't have these....I was lied too . Said it made the workshop look more presentable to guests/friends As promised, the sound deadening under the carpet pictures are below. The install took some time thanks to having to remove the entire interior, however well worth reduced cab noise (no db but ears are happy). Music is a lower volume to where I can have music and a conversation while driving on the freeway . As for install notes, I left the entire sheet as intact as possible, left it "float" under the factory carpet while leaving the fa
  7. Hi All, I have not forgotten this place, life has distracted me lately (wedding season, vacations, etc.). However, added some under hood sound deadening and thought i would share, made a nice difference in cutting down on excessive engine noise. Few hours work and I think like $65 in material (purchased awhile back). I also added some under carpet deadening which helped make the cab a more enjoyable place on long trips and i will post that tomorrow.
  8. I was having issues after about 150 miles so swapped out to a new filter (stock housing one) and all issues went away. The filter was approx. 1 year old so could be considered due for a change but only had 10,000miles or so. I was having issues after about 150 miles so swapped out to a new filter (stock housing one) and all issues went away. The filter was approx. 1 year old so could be considered due for a change but only had 10,000miles or so. Well my trip is here (Memorial Day Weekend) so the other items will have to wait until i get back, and i realize I
  9. Made a few more updates / tweaks to the truck this weekend. My trip is getting close (Memorial Day Weekend) so feeling a tad crunched I may not finish all I want before the trip. First, update to the form – traction bars have 150 miles on them now so planning a bolt torque check (per manufacture) this weekend, however zero complaints/all smiles to date. The bars make the truck just take off when you hit the go pedal, feel like I picked up power without add-ons. Weekend Add #01 - Big Line Kit: The kit from Vulcan was an easy install (about 45min) and greatly increased th
  10. Hello All, As promised, the traction bar install photos are below and the kit part number is Tuff Country Part # 30995. Overall the install was easy (directions weren’t the best) and took me about 3hrs from start to finish including cleanup. They are 90% bolt in, the front brackets require two ½” holes to be added into the frame for the bolts. I chose these bars because I liked that each end was a rubber bushing which came off as more DD/road friendly then the solid linked bars. I would not consider them high hp or racing bars though, so be aware of your end goals!
  11. Hello All, As requested over a few posts, the part numbers for the bushings (measure your sway bars!) are below along with photos of my light upgrade and heat wrap in the engine bay. Photos of the traction bar install to follow later as I have to writeup my install notes still. · Energy Suspension 5.5159G 34mm Front Sway Bar Bushing Set · Quick Steer K3170 Stabilizer Bar Bushing Kit
  12. Hi All, I started this thread to share (maybe inspire, feel free to add posts on your own) fellow 2nd gen owners on the refresh of my truck as while its getting older, I think there are simple ways to make it fit better into the modern world. This mindset started when I started considering buying a 4th gen, and while they are awesome I realized that with a little TLC my 2nd gen could fit better into the modern truck world and I could avoid a truck payment! What I have done thus far: 1. New shocks on all four corners (no pics, sorry) 2. Additional lighting upfront (I
  13. The aspect of greaseable is something that makes a lot of sense for street use and now I will make sure to keep that aspect in mind when searching/building. However I disagree with you on the purpose of ladder or traction bars on a DD/street truck, as the leaf springs can twist under load during DD/towing conditions. The spring wrap up due to high torque is why I wish to add them, as I can feel the draintrain loading/unloading more as the power has been increased, even with just the little 65hp extra. Check out this video, I was surprised at how much movement on stock horsepower.
  14. Hello Everyone, One of my winter projects this year is to refresh some aspects of the truck and I would like to tackle the rear axle sway/wrap in an effort to improve traction & reduce the wear on the other drive-train items from the pinion shift. I have spent several hours searching and cannot find a traction / ladder bar setup for our trucks that has a front swing shackle as to not limit suspension travel. Prior to me fabricating something, does anyone have any links to a company that offers a front swing shackle type traction / ladder bar setup for our truck? T
  15. Why wouldn't you have just turned down the duration on the even SW while loaded? Thats seem easier then messing with a different SW and you keep the even SW advantage of an actual timing curve. The 1100* number without boost doesnt tell the full story, as heat in the manifold is better in my book then in the piston crown in the low rpms. I would give the even SW another try while towing, i will never go back to the odd sw.
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