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  2. Hey so i got a 98.5 auto 24 valve an have been putting off for way to long the issue with my tc! Several months ago it stopped locking up and so I replaced the tc lockup solenoid on the valve body, and adjusted the bands while I was in there... didn't fix it!... so I took it to a dealer an had them hook up their code reader and they told me the lock up solenoid needed replaced and I had just replaced that so that made me think it was a wiring issue. And now lately whenever I turn sharp right the oil psi gauge on my dash goes to zero and the check gauges light goes on an then when I turn back
  3. yeah they said its throwing some codes- didnt tell me what the codes were- and they would clear them then they would come right back! they said its something internaly in the trans that the couldnt diagnose without tearing into the transmission. so either rebuild- which im not doing- or replace! how do i contact him??
  4. ok so i did it... i gave in! took it to a diesel machanic and they tolk me its something internal in the transmission and i need a new transmission.
  5. my fluke multimeter didnt fit in the connector down at the transmission but i checked it at the connecter between the computer and the transmission and my meter read OL. the whole time ... forgive me and my stupidity when it comes to electrical things... ha
  6. i dont have a code reader but everything looks normal on the dash. just went over the wire connections and everything looks great! could this be the result of just a bad torque converter all in all? should i take it to a transmission shop and see what they say?
  7. ok so this morning i changed the torque converter solenoid.. that didnt fix it! torque converter still wont lock up! idk what else it could be. what are you guys thinkn? got it .. it was more less just dirty.. but i did sand it an clean it up real nice and checked the seal.. seal looked good!!
  8. Ok so solenoid came in the mail today so I'm going to drop it again to change that soon... Not sure what you talking about here though.. This is the first time I've really dug into transmissions so I'm kinda new to it do I have to drop the valve body again to clean the shaft
  9. ok so today i tore into the tranny and got the valve body off and that small piece inside was still perfect so its not that! could it be anything else in the tranny- before i put it all back together? what else could be causing the torque converter to unlock? here are some photos
  10. Is it hard on your tranny to drive with the torque converter unlocked?
  11. is the valve body hard to get to? does it just require taking the pan off?
  12. well it doesn't even lock and unlock! it used to do that an then the one day it just stopped locking completely... so now I cant get it to lock at all
  13. Got the light problem fixed ... it was just a light switch went bad! ... although my torque converter unlocking issue still remains. I don't have my DVM at the moment but I unhooked the alternator and the fuse and took it for a drive and nothing was different! the same issue is still there! so hopefully ill get my Meter again today to test but it doesn't seem like its a alternator problem! is there anything else that could be causing the converter to unlock? its not the overdrive though because if I'm going 60 and hit the overdrive button it stil kicks into overdrive so it must be my torque co
  14. ok fellas! so tonight I went to advanced auto parts and bought a new 120amp alternator. put it in and absolutely nothing changed! soooo I'm totally at a loss now! I don't know what happened to my truck! can yall help me out? please! that would be fantastic! thanks
  15. no! I havnt replaced it yet! now my brake system is acting weird! my dash shows the abs light and the brake light! and my trailer controller in the cab as well as my tail brake lights are always on!! COULD THIS ALL BE FROM THE ALTINATOR DIODE PROBLEM??? I need to figure this out quick! because I'm supposed to hual a trailer 5 hours away tomorrow for a week long trip!
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