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  2. Well the fuse is good. I'm assuming that there is only the one that I found under the hood. I looked for that ground but couldn't locate it. You say the kick plate on drivers side, are you talking behind or beside the pedals?
  3. Ok, but if it was the fuses the headlights wouldn't work at all, correct?
  4. Where exactly is the main ground cable located on my 98' 24 valve? And is there more than 1? My headlights are dimmer than congress:lol: and I was told to check my ground cable.
  5. Mine has the auto tranny, so it sounds like I'm not gonna get much better mileage than where I am now, bummer I don't know if its the tps, which was tested by the dealer and was bad, but the truck surges alot at low throttle. Hopefully a new TPS and cleaning the IAT will bring it back around. Getting a little frustrating .
  6. If I remember reading correctly you also cleaned your IAT sensor. I read this whole post because I have been having ther same problem with my 98.5 . She is getting around 13, I am going to clean that sensor later and see if it helps. If anyone has any other ideas about how to bring my mileage back up I'm all ears . I also have bigger tires,315's to be exact, she also has: Edge Juice Box, new +100hp injectors,BHAF,Stock turbo, and an Air Dog 150. She runs around 18psi for fuel pressure but it bounces around a lot. I just got a new TPS that I am going to put on today too. I can get a little smo
  7. Replaced the steering pump and it fixed the problem. However, I am still getting a little slapping back against my foot when I apply the brake.
  8. It's making a growling/whining noise most of the time and when I step on the brakes the pedal feels like it slaps back at my foot sometimes.No lights on the dash and I have not changed the fluid. I was thinking pump before I read an old post that turned out to be his gear box.
  9. I am experiencing the same problem , but I notice my brakes "slapping" my foot every now and then when I first go to apply them, Do I have the same problem, a gear box? Or do you think it's the pump?Thanks in advance.
  10. I finally installed a fuel pressure gauge in my truck. Now I'm wondering what normal operating pressure is. I have an Air Dog 150 and my pressure runs around 18-20. When I get on it, it goes down to about 16 - 18. At start up when the pump cycles it goes to 20. Is that too much? And if so how can I turn the AirDog down?I also noticed today that it was jumping around between 18 - 20 at idle.Lucky
  11. Thanks guys for the responses, I bought my pump from DAP and used the installation instructions from Blue Chip. She is once again humming along nicely!
  12. OK, ordered my vp44 pump and a fuel pressure gauge(tired of not knowing my fuel pressure) from DAP last night. Now I'm wondering how hard it is for the installation? I am hearing that the pump needs to be calibrated after it's put in, is this true and if so what is involved?
  13. I'm pretty sure I toasted my pump last winter when I was having trouble with my airdog system. Airdog has since sent me a new pump but obviously the damage was already done.Any suggestions of where to get the best deal on a vp44?
  14. The death code is obviously the worst one. I guess now im wondering where to start or how to narrow it down?
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