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Johnny Chimpo

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  1. Johnny Chimpo

    Fuel Pressure Issue

    I have an 01' with a Raptor pump and an ISSPro mech gauge. Started out with the snubber kit from Geno's connected to the VP44 test port using antifreeze on the gauge side of the snubber. Never could get that side bled well enough to be satisfied with the gauge reading (20-26lb at first then down to 4-10lbs after a week or so) I verified the fuel pressure with another gauge and got 16lbs at idle. I took out the snubber and replaced it with a needle valve (diesel all the way to the gauge). The pressure reading is back at 20-26lbs. I used the entire length of tubing that came with the Geno's kit to soften any pulses from the VPI've just been checking the pressure at the test port periodically rather than rely on the ISSPro readings.