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    Toasted vp44?

    Thanks for the feed back, and yeah I'm not sure what i was thinking with the 5 speed thing...lol.
  3. So a while back my truck started having a Miss while running down the road, it seems like it was worse when you would pull a load to begin with. After a while this mess began to be more of a nuisance and would show up sometimes only when you're giving it throttle and sometimes only when you're getting off the fuel. This issue has been going on for about 4 months and seemingly to get progressively worse and has gotten out to the point to where I can't drive the truck. I've cleaned the batteries make sure I have good connections at 12 volts in each battery and the truck will start fine and run for about 3 minutes and start stumbling and eventually stalling I've eliminated the gas tank out of the equation thinking maybe I was sucking in air bubbles run out of a fuel tank and same thing it would run for about 3 minutes start missing pop and I'm stumbling and eventually got to the point to where I can't bleed the air out of the system like the vp44 is not pumping Fuel and longer. Along the way I have gotten codes p0370 and p1690 from the ECU I have cleared these codes and only the p0370 manifest itself again. I'm leaning towards the fact that my injection pump is toasted but I was wondering if there is any check to see at home if this is indeed the case before I bite the bullet and spend $1,000 on a pump. Any and all help is welcome and thanked, I'm at my wits end with this truck. I should probably also mention its a 2002 Dodge 3/4 ton with a 5-speed Auto