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  1. I am in the process of installing gauges for egt, boost pressure and trans temp. My question is where to pick up the electrical connections for power and a switchable source. Also need to pick up a source that works with the dimmer. Thanks
  2. I just started having issues with the delay on the wipers. Sometimes the wiper will cycle fine, then other times it will wipe three times consecutively. At other times nothing will happen until i turn the wiper control all the way to no delay. Where do I start looking?
  3. I am wanting to upgrade my stock tranny for towing. My 10k lb rv really puts a load on my tranny especially climbing hills. I know there are allot of choices out there, ATS, BD, Suncoast, Goerend, etc. I am leaning toward Source Automotive which is closest to me. Any thoughts or suggestions?
  4. Looking at several brands of exhaust brakes. With my 2004.5 48RE I will meed some type of transmission controller. Any thoughts on Pacbrake or BD? :confused:
  5. I just installed a new by-pass return spring from Richard at GDP. My fuel pressure is now 18 psi and the knock or rattle is much more quiet. Still looking for the reason for the rattle. :confused:
  6. I have deleted the stock fuel filter assembly totally. I have one of GDP filter housing eliminators. :thumbsup
  7. Sorry for the delay. I installed a fuel pressure gauge and it shows 30 psi at idle. Not much pressure change when I get on it. I called Richard at Glacier Diesel and he said the Airdog I have should run around 30 psi. Is this too much presure for the CP3? I just returned from a 800 mile trip pulling my 31' trailer and no problems. :confused:
  8. My filter canister was removed when I installed the Airdog. I purchased the GDP filter eliminator bracket. http://www.glacierdieselpower.com/produ ... _id=0306FE. I would like to find something to work with my Quadzilla Commander.
  9. I don't have a pressure gauge yet. Still looking for something easy to install. I wasn't to thrilled about the fitting that connects the fuel suction line to the suction tube on the tank. I may pull it off and stick the hose in a five gallon bucket of diesel and see if the fitting is leaking. I have checked all the other fitings at the Airdog and they're tight. I am open to other suggestions. Thanks to all!
  10. I recently installed an Airdog FP-100 on my 2004.5 CTD. Right afterward I started noticing a rattle or knock around the 1300 to 1800 rpm range. It goes away when under under load. Any suggestions? :confused:
  11. I put one on my rig and love it! One of the best mods for the buck. My truck handles and tracks much more precise now. :thumbsup
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