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  1. ikes1987

    IQuad V2 tune build

    up there he wouldn't let it build boost before he full throttled it and it only pulled 30 ish.(wouldn't let me run it on their dyno) down here with me runnin it it gets just under 50
  2. will added pump stretch help or hinder?
  3. this is the rune i ran on level 10 before the app crashed RACE.json
  4. On GDP’s dyno it put down 488 and 918
  5. It put down 436hp and 753 torque i used the tune builder set on race. The app crashed after the first pull and didn’t reload until i loaded back up on the trailer
  6. ikes1987

    IQuad V2 tune build

    So i just got the V2 and ran it up at ATS diesel an I’m looking for some tune help to get some more power out of it. Truck has 150hp sticks, 64mm silver bullet, studs, fass150. Any help would be greatly appreciated.