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  2. @Me78569 I had a feeling it wouldn’t work , im assuming it’s common rail fuel systems capable of pilot injection that are capable of lope tunes? On a side note when I write a reply to someone on a thread like this am I suppose to @ the person I am replying to?
  3. @Mopar1973Man speaking of valve lash I was actually gonna do one tomorrow. Got to looking around and found a heck of a boost leak where the fuel filter used to mount up and it blew the gasket out so I was wrapped up with that today. Truck runs like a top now.
  4. Not sure if this is the right spot to post this question. I’ve been messing around with the tuning lately and came up with an idea. Is it possible to create a “lope tune” for the 2nd gen. I’ve read on a post that it isn’t possible for the vp44 to handle a lope tune and another said it would require a cam and bigger fuel delivery lines from the injectors to the injector tubes. Has anyone came across anything similar to a lope tune or is it even possible. @Me78569 & @Quadzilla Power I know you guys are pros at this any Input?
  5. @Quadzilla Power awesome uninstalling the app and re downloading fixed it. Now I can access the 2.7 version and see the mpg stuff. @Me78569 sent me a link showing different ways people have had luck downloading tunes for IOS so I’m gonna give it a try and see if I can download the beta 1.9.42 app and somehow make it work. So far my phone opens up the files like this so im gonna try to send the files to me through my laptop.
  6. @Quadzilla Power I did disconnect my phone from the iquad and connect to the house WiFi and still no luck. I even completely disconnected the iquad from the truck and walked into the house and i still get the same error message. I’m about done with IOS software lol.
  7. @Me78569 when i flashed the adrenaline module to the 2.7v I ran a tune from moparman from when it was running the 2.3.2v it seems like it’s just a tad bit less aggressive now. I messed around with fuel stretch and canbus fueling and it helped but it would leave a haze behind. I really liked being able to give it hell and have a clean burning truck so Ive been reading up on the safe zones on timing for these trucks with stock valvetrain but I get confused on the timing changes for different RPM and light loads. Last time I jumped in timing the truck started popping and blowing white smoke
  8. @Quadzilla Power I can’t seem to get the iquad app to connect online using WiFi or cell phone data. I get this error message shown on attached picture. I went through my cell phone settings and I have the iquad app enabled to use data usage. I did recently update my iOS to 11.2.5 not sure if that would effect anything. Thanks for clearing up the base tune Stuff. Would that mean if I made a custom tune off the 2.5 base tune that it would react differently from the updated 2.7 version if I enter the same values. I’ve been reading up on how to make tunes and stuff work
  9. @Quadzilla Power would your updated .json file also apply to IOS devices? I don’t see an option under vechilce profile to be able to update to (V2 dodge 1998-2002 v2.7) , the highest version I am able to apply is the (V2 dodge 98-00 v2.5). I see (V2 quadzilla only test2 v2.7) is that the one you are taking about? Also you mentioned using the base tune, is running a base tune selecting the vehicle profile and running it under the default tune and not a personalized tune? I’ve searched for the beta version of the app but cannot seem to find it for IOS. Am i suppose to manually update the iquad
  10. Awesome! I was about to start pulling my hair out lol. I’ll keep an eye out in the apple store for an update for the iquad app. Me78569 thanks a lot for the help man.
  11. So I downloaded the 2.7mpg version onto my computer successfully. When I click on the download file it automatically opens up the x2 public flasher. Once It connects to the adrenaline everything pops up for the module information. I clicked “update module” assuming it would automatically update it to the 2.7 mpg version. Once I got the update complete message I hooked the module up to the truck and changed the vehicle profile over to the 99-2000 v2 2.5 version in vehicle settings. The phone connected instantly to the module but I cannot see any mpg option anywhere in settings or anything diffe
  12. Thank you me78569 I’m currently updating the adrenaline module to the 2.7 MPG release final version. I was browsing through the other flashes available for the module such as 2.6.1 stable and the v2 standard fuel version, are those just older versions of flashes available for the module or are they designed for specific truck types such as pull trucks, street trucks , drag trucks etc.
  13. I currently am running the file 2.3.2 on my quadzilla and have not updated since I flashed it. Should I upgrade to the new 2.7 version or should I choose another file for the i quad also Will I have to switch over the vehicle file to the 99-00 2.5 when I do upgrade the new file.. And Is this update recommended for a daily driver.
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