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  1. Really. I kept pulling timing down because of concerns with the truck getting hot. But now I am thinking that may have been the fact the air filter was plumb full of crap. Havnt pushed the timing forward/up at all with since the new air filter
  2. Before I put the flatbed on truck weighted over 8k with the flatbed I’m at about 8.5k. Steel bumper (it’s saved me on a couple of deer, it can’t be that heavy two guys picked it up and I bolted it into place 10 plus years ago) plus tools and assorted other “stuff” adds up I guess. So drove roughly 100 miles most of the time o was monitoring the oil was 10 higher then the coolant. Coolant never got above 180-185 though. Goal at for this tune is to have a good 2k trailer plus what ever I put on it so probably up to 10k trailer and load. Power level 12 (running on 4) RPM 3400 Max Val 50 max fuel stretch 1600 TPS Max100 TPS Min 30 Min pup 5 psi Boost Scale 34 psi Max Load Timing 3 Low PSI Timing Reduct 5 Timing reduct scale 50% Light Throttle Timing Adv 1 Light Throttle Load Limit 30% RPM Timing Max 1500 14.5 2000 17.5 2500 20.5 3000 22.5 max 24 Boost Level 0. 100 1. 102 2. 102 3. 104 4. 106 5. 108 6. 110 7. 112 8. 114 9. 116 10. 118 11. 120 12. 122 13. 124 14. 126 15. 130 16. 134 18. 138 20. 142 22. 150 24-30+. 150
  3. Very cool will have to look at the maintenance tracker. So I installed the trans temp into the oil filter. I am about 10-15 * higher on the oil then on the trans. This is my tow tune however no trailer currently. Truck weighs about 8500lbs. So is my timing set to high. (I am working on a couple of data logs. Current timing 1500 14.5 2000 17.5 2500 20.5 3000 22.5 max 24 thanks Sitting idling, for about ten minutes I am at: timing 15.21 oil 192 coolant 181 egt 272
  4. What app are you using to track maintenance. Can you run multiple cars on it and fuel mileage.
  5. So little embarrassed on this one. Coming back from Spokane this last week I was thinking and realized maybe it was an air issue. So I pull over and sure enough I can reach into the cold air intake box and remove the pre filter (little sock thing over the filter) it was caked just absolutely grody. Once that was off egt probably dropped by 200*. So ive ordered a fresh filter and I am not sure I will be putting the pre filter back on...after cleaning it of course. So once that that all gets maintained I will get back to tuning. Which is good because in about two weeks I have to move a car over some mountains as well. Still embarrassed that my air filter was/is that bad.
  6. Yeah went for a drive got the inside of the truck cooled down and then turned the tablet on. Got everything fixed. So probably heat and the tablet.
  7. Cheap tablet and it’s all quick trips. So very potential.
  8. Does the quad adrenaline have issue hooking up to the app or working correctly in hot weather. Its probably 95* and my tablet hasn’t been able to connect today and had a failed status bar earlier. Truck also felt like it had a couple of issues and then I told the app to run the default and it seems to have gotten better. Still have not been able to connect and do anything though. Ambient temp recently is high 90s (being from the nw that is hotter then hades).
  9. Made it home last night and dumped the trailer already. Does it matter if I have the trailer for the data log? Will be driving back to Spokane on Monday and may need to take the trailer too. First timing number is where I started 2nd timing number is where I am at currently. Looked like I only dropped by one curious if I did it and didn’t save. RPM Timing Max 1500 . 16. 15 2000. 19. 18 2500. 22. 21 3000. 25. 23 Max. 26. 25 ——— Moparman. I’m originally out of Joseph Enterprise OR area so the names you throw around in your timing/oil heat thread are good to hear.
  10. I think I’ve dropped it by two now on the lower three bands. The truck is not heating up near as quickly but the egts are still getting up to 1200 - 1250 pretty easily.
  11. Roger. Adjusted about to pull another hill at freeway speed. Had never heard that about oil temp and timing. But I’m no expert. So adjusted timing down by one across board. ——— What i felt as I pulled on to the freeway was I didn’t get any boost until about 2000 then it would hit hard and then it would hit 1250 and the de fuel would kick in. (I think it was doing the same thing before) Climbed to a reststop halfway up. Trucks temp was to the top of the operating range. I’m going from eastern wa to west wa so these aren’t that bad of a grade. I’m also curious if my rad is smoked. It’s only got 270k on it and probably not well maintained.
  12. I am running a 2001 Dodge 6 Speed with 75HP injectors. It weighs in at about 8500lbs (flatbed, tools, and my fat rear end). Last week i towed a 2000lb trailer with another 8000 worth of stuff and the EGTs were pegged going up hills, even driving like i have an egg under my foot and gearing my way down through the gears. I also on a couple of long pulls was outside of the normal operating temp range and finished one hill in 2nd to keep it from going way to high. Today, i am just pulling the trailer 8500 (truck)+2000= 10500 ish and my EGT are once again at 1200 and i ease out of the throttle. So I am curious what tune wise can I improve on. I run from sea level to about 5000ft. (I am not real sure i have the timing portion set right.) power level 12 (running on 4) RPM 3400 Max Val 50 max fuel stretch 1600 TPS Max100 TPS Min 30 Min pup 8 psi Boost Scale 34 psi Max Load Timing 3 Low PSI Timing Reduct 5 Timing reduct scale 50% Light Throttle Timing Adv 1 Light Throttle Load Limit 30 RPM Timing Max 1500 . 16 2000. 19 2500. 22 3000. 25 Max. 26 Boost Level 0-5PSI = 100 6 through 10 PSI up by two. 102 - 110 11PSI through 18PSI up by 4 . 114-140 20PSI on is 150 Any thoughts would be really appreciated.
  13. KRob


  14. Would the one on my Android, that says 2.7 test something be the same one?
  15. What about trucks without head studs what timing range are we looking at then? Thanks
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