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  1. Ok. I'll unplug the quad using the procedure he had mentioned and see how it does for a few days.
  2. So I've owned the truck for about 3 weeks now. I've changed the fuel filters, oil change, all fluids bumper to bumper are at the right levels. It has a stutter that I can't quite isolate. I don't think it's a fuel issue because it fires right up, never struggles to start. Happens when it's cold more but still can happen when it's at temperature. If I could take a stab at it I would think it's the throttle position sensor because it happens when you barely touch the throttle for the first little bit then if you get on it more it smooths out so I would think rather than being a smooth climb (if you were to graph it) it would have a gap at the bottom and then be smooth the rest of the way. Moparman1973 told me to unplug the quadzilla but I never got around to doing the whole procedure for that. Am I looking in the right direction or should I be looking somewhere else? Or is this normal? Thanks for your help in advance. 01 Dodge Ram 2500 extended cab long box, fass Titanium, 80hp injectors, quadzilla Adrenaline with pulse controller. S&B cold air intake, Diamond eye performance 5" turbo back exhaust.
  3. Rigby5.9

    5.9 from rigby ID

    Ok I will try that
  4. Rigby5.9

    5.9 from rigby ID

    I will try unhooking it before I head to work this morning. I don't quite know what the field lead is. I know unhooking the quad is just the big connector on the side. Thanks @Mopar1973Man I will let you know what happens! Hopefully changing the filters tonight as well.
  5. Rigby5.9

    5.9 from rigby ID

    I thought so. I'll order the iquad soon and wait to flash until it's close to being here. Anyone know why it stutters when in warm up mode? I have it set to warm up to 125 but even then I still leave it set on zero. I have new fuel filters to try but don't know if there's another direction I should be looking. It feels like gaps in acceleration and you can hear the motor drop in addition to feeling it.
  6. Rigby5.9

    5.9 from rigby ID

    Ok. I'm going to have to figure out what my ratio needs to be. According to the previous owner, when he had the FASS titanium installed he didn't want them to drop the tank so the draw tube doesn't reach the bottom of the tank. He said if I let it get to "45 miles to empty" the truck will shut off and it will be horrible to get to start again. Figures. When I order the iquad will I need to re flash the chip itself as well?
  7. Rigby5.9

    5.9 from rigby ID

    SO with regards to adding two cycle oil to the diesel. I filled the tank on Saturday afternoon and it's still showing basically a full tank. Should I wait until I fill up again to add 2 cycle or should I add some now to work it through the system?
  8. Rigby5.9

    5.9 from rigby ID

    For me right now the mileage I'm getting is night and day difference from the jeep I had. Normal when I went to school and back in rexburg I would expect to use at least an 1/8th of a tank of gas in the 30 mile round trip. Yesterday was my first time going in the truck and when I got on the highway my miles to empty said 360. When I hit the exit in rexburg it said 369 and it was only at 363 by the time I ran around town and even got back to rigby. I love not having to watch the fuel gauge move every time I drive it
  9. Rigby5.9

    5.9 from rigby ID

    So it looks like I'll just go ahead and leave it alone for now, maybe run it in level one which is supposed to be mileage and save up for the new controller. I'll keep reading through the tuning articles so that way, when the time comes, I won't have to bug you guys with too many questions and hopefully be able to contribute. Excited to be a cummins owner!
  10. Rigby5.9

    5.9 from rigby ID

    @Me78569 so it is true that I don't really have the ability to build a custom tune with the old controller? Darn @dripley thanks! First thing I did was the bedliner on the rocker panels to arrest the rust. Next will be a turbo back exhaust to get rid of the stack. Probably 5 inch. She's in great shape for the year!
  11. Rigby5.9

    5.9 from rigby ID

    Good evening everyone! My name is Conner. I currently live in Rigby ID with my wife, newborn son (1st) our dog Renegade, and 3 ducks (wife will always be a farm girl). I just bought my first truck this last weekend and I decided I would do it right the first time so I bought a 2001 Dodge Ram 2500 SLT Long bed extended cab with the 5.9 cummins 6spd Manual with 208k on it. The list of things done to it are as follows. Leveling kit 285/75R17 Toyo Open Country M/T on raceline raptor rims gooseneck hitch bumper hitch towing package (helper springs) trailer brakes S&B cold air intake 80hp injectors Quadzilla Adrenaline with the Pulse V2 Monitor FASS Titanium 95gph fuel system unfortunately it has a homemade stack on it (will be the first thing to go) so it's stock 3inch exhaust into 4 inch exhaust into 8inch stack i love the truck so far. It has a few things it needs right now like fuel filters (it stutters on acceleration mostly when it's cold so I'm hoping that takes care of it) and it needs a motor mount bolt on the passenger side and possibly a pitman arm. Other than that it runs and drives great and I love having a great pickup to drive. I'm a mechanic at a small shop here in rigby so I've been turning wrenches for about a year now. We charge $85 an hour and with the amount of information i have intensely scoured over on this site over the last few days I feel like I owe you guys thousands of dollars for this invaluable information. From what I can tell with all of the custom tunes though it seems like I'm at a loss being stuck with the old pulse control module. I returned the Quad to its defaults so I can start from square one. My personal goal is to find a tune similar to what @Mopar1973Man figured up where he was at a little over 300 miles on half a tank. That sounds like a dream to me. This also coming from having just sold my beloved jeep where I could only dream of getting 250 miles on a full tank. So hopefully I can get a few questions answered and I look forward to getting to know you guys. A few of you I feel like I already know because I've spent quite a few hours going through threads and threads on the Quad. And so the fun begins! Thanks!