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  1. No I did not. Just check gauges from the low voltage
  2. its definitely came a long ways. I think i'll start visiting here more often compared to the others. Better informative information here
  3. Alternator Starter and Parts wholesale. I called to order,there out of florida. The guy even sounded like an American! dam I didn't even know you had a store mike,well my 2wd is reading a little high in AC noise so when I order another itll be through here
  4. ordered new rectifier/diode and brushes for 43 bucks shipped. slip rings look good and bearings feel good so I'm going to leave it at that
  5. Well with my truck running at 8.8-9v when I got home I decided it was best to shut it off and put the battery charger on it. Pulled the alternator off and tested the diode pack. 4 smoked diodes.
  6. So do you have any idea if 40ohms means charge or not charge from the PCM?
  7. Because the alternator only charges when it's told to, via the computer. If the voltage regulator/computer doesn't send the output to the alternator to charge, it won't charge. I just wasn't sure if 40ohms to ground was a good enough ground. Still waiting on me78569 to clear that up
  8. So I get the low battery light otw home, barely make it home with my edge reading 9v. I pull the 2 pin plug on the back of the alternator to check to see if the computer is calling for the alternator to charge. On the hot wire I got 9v,the ground wire I get 40 ohms . Isn't 40 ohms to high for the ground? I figured it should read a lot lower, didn't know if that was why my alternator isn't charging or not.
  9. Thanks for help guys I appreciate it
  10. Wow I feel like a retard now. I thought it was single filament lol
  11. 47re 2-3 bind up

    I don't know the history of the trans before I got it other than it'd been rebuilt before. There was 4 clutches in there and I put 5 back in,as far as any changes I didn't make any to the backing plate or anything else. The steels measured .085 and I think the fibers were close to the same but I can't Rememeber off the top of my head. Do you run the factory 9 return springs? And what's gained over swapping the spring snap ring for the flat one
  12. IBM, the bulb does light up with the running lights turned on, just won't flash with the blinker turned on. So I can rule out the bulb socket and bulb itself. I'll do some poking around with the meter some more
  13. OK I've been messing with this blinker issue for a little bit now, my drivers side front turn signal won't blink,but the running light works. I've swapped blinker relays, along with the turn signal actuator, and cleaned my grounds. Wtf am I missing?
  14. 47re 2-3 bind up

    5 gpz, regular steels. I used the backing plate that was in it along with the same snap ring. When I pull it out to loosen it up am I better off getting a thinner snap ring or a machined backing plate?