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  1. Wanting 30-50 more HP

    Ok I installed my XZT+ today I was not sure about the data link plug in the XZT would not plug in far enough for it to latch in place so I had to tape it , here is a pic of the plug I used . The XZT I ordered had the following tune. File Name: XZT+_1008 Models: DXZ29802 Software Version: 20080128 Feature Code Enabled: XZT+1008 Features: • Factory Tuning file that all XZT+ Modules are shipped with • Adds Automatic 1200 RPM High Idle • Hi Idle not for use with Factory High Idle • Adds Cold Engine Protection set at 170 deg Coolant Temperature • High Idle will engage any time the vehicles is in warm up after 2 minutes of continuous idle regardless of switch position • High Idle will only engage in the OFF setting once engine has reached 170 deg Coolant Temperature • Module will default to the OFF setting regardless of switch position when Cold Engine Protection is enabled • 1 Minute wait period before High Idle engages • High Idle may be disabled by touching the accelerator pedal or by changing switch positions • 2002 Trucks May also kill high idle with the brake pedal • High Idle will engage regardless of temperature and the box was marked stock 35HP 70HP I took it for a test drive it does work , only a high idle in the 70HP setting , it had a slight HP increase in the second setting but had smoother acceleration and the 70HP setting was much better with nice acceration going up hills and my MPG guage showed no decrease but a .1 mpg increase over the test drive. I think it will help nicely pulling hills with our trailer.
  2. Wanting 30-50 more HP

    Ok I ordered the quadzilla XZT and now I'm looking at a fuel pressure gauge I'm thinking a ISSPRO electrical 40psi unit , I know mechanical is best but also harder to hook up. I already have a double pillar pod and will have to put the fuel psi gauge elsewhere. I saw on the cummins forum that mopar1973man had a article on fuel gauges but could find it.
  3. Wanting 30-50 more HP

    Me78599 thank you for the info , Quadzilla it is. I see the tunes are avalible for donating members only where do you donate and how much does it require ?
  4. Wanting 30-50 more HP

    Me78569 is the a cable to do the flashing myself that I need to order when I order the chip and I am guessing it will probably require a computer with win vista or 7 and up right ?
  5. Wanting 30-50 more HP

    Yes you can have the tune changed if it doesn't work out , but you have to take it off and send it back to them, bummer.
  6. Wanting 30-50 more HP

    I have run my truck for a little while now and it needs help when pulling the hills with my trailer a 6% hill with a straight shot it will pull well if I push it hard at the bottom but curvy roads with slow corners and I end up staying in 3rd not enough power to go to 4th. I am looking at a edge EZ and a Quadzilla XZT right now , the cost is good and they are basically plug & pray no messing with tuning I'm just not that up on diesels yet. For the XZT I was thinking the XZT+1008 tune or XZT+1011 for the high idle in cold weather and then I will add a BHAF and 50hp injectors if needed . Which chip would you suggest ?
  7. Does anyone know of a set of airbags that will work on a 99 2500 4wd that mount over the axle not the leaf springs (so I can keep my over loads) and they need to work with a goose neck or fifth wheel mount.
  8. Wanting 30-50 more HP

    Dieselfuture I found the tag in my glove compartment showing my gearing as 3:55 so I put on 265/70r16 tires , according to my mgh gauge I am only getting 15.8 mpg and with the speedo showing 60mph with the currant tire at between 1900-2000 rpms ,I wish I had gone to larger tires. I am installing a Ultra guage soon and see what it has to say, I cannot decide on air filtration yet , I do run a k&N and a Outersware prefilter on my jeep and I trust it , but I understand the possibility of dust and oil getting into the turbo so I wont do it on the cummins beoynd that I may try the BHAF wit a prefilter but water splash is a concern for me as I know I will make creek crossings in this truck.
  9. Wanting 30-50 more HP

    Ok quadzilla first then , I would have responded sooner guys but yesterday the reply window wasn't coming up for me no matter what I did. I was just quoted $1361 for a exhaust brake but he didn't say what type or if it included install I may do that first and then the quadzilla .
  10. Wanting 30-50 more HP

    Finally got my truck today and off to get tires in the am getting 265"s since it feels pretty low geared, I saw today it has a Fass DDRP on it found a new bug screen and winter front under the back seat . So should I add the exhaust elbow first or the quadzilla ?
  11. Wanting 30-50 more HP

    Can you use a exhaust brake with the exhaust elbow ? Xtremdiesel power has the Quadzilla ADR 1000 Adenaline with control pod for $594.99 and the iQuad module is $194.99 if it is needed , a Scan Guage II may work as a monitor I not sure.
  12. Hi newbie here I am just getting my first diesel pickup a 1999 Dodge 2500 SLT 5 spd which I will mostly use for towing a fifth wheel and would like to up the HP .Towing will include steep hills 5-10% grades 3500-9500 ft . I was thinking about better intake air flow and 4" exhaust and a exhaust brake . I see Van Aaken , Quadzilla XZT , smarty and Edge EZ listed most for chips/programmers . Can I just and a programmer for the extra 30-50 hp or do I have to add a exhaust elbow too . I have a Bully Dog boost gauge already and a EGT gauge that is not hooked up yet and was thinking of adding a fuel pressure gauge also.