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  1. So forgive me if this has already been discussed but I went back 20 pages and didn't see anything to help. 2001 HO 6-speed. FASS DRP, 75hp DAP injectors, Quad XZT+. New PCM a couple of months ago because I had been running an external voltage reg but hated the flickering lights and engine lope at idle. I replaced the vp44 with one from DAP 2yrs ago after intermittent stalling at highway speeds. Ran fine with 2-3 instances of a 1 sec miss at highway speeds last summer. thought this was possible injectors as it has 215K on originals so replaced them 7 months ago. this July when it hit 95+degrees I stepped on clutch to turn at an intersection and the truck died. would not start. Just crank and crank, finally started after 20-30 min. Idled fine, took it for a drive and about 5 miles later same thing. No start. towed home and as I got to the house tried to start and it fired up. So now I can recreate it everytime. If the engine is cold (hasn't been running) it will start fine if I had previously shut it off on purpose. Will run good till engine warms up then i get a slight miss at idle and if I tap the pedal and let off quickly it will drop below 700 rpm and hiccup before resuming idle. If I take it for a drive, its runs like a champ but as soon as it warms up and I let off throttle it will die like I turned off the key. When it does start after a die, it starts up like it may have air in lines. sputters and a few catches then evens out after a bit to the slight miss at idle. Sent vp44 back under warranty, got it back, installed and same issue. fuel pressure 7psi WOT, 10-14 psi at idle to normal load. countless new fuel filters, new CAM sensor. Hot wired vp44 when warm, same symptoms. One thing I noticed with fuel pressure was that with cool engine my pressure guage needle had a slight buzz to it (1psi variation) but once it warms up I get a large vibration in the needle (5psi variation). tested APPS voltage and it is ok. by the way, I removed the XZT+ and made sure all wires were back to original locations. Have talked to several places including local shops, DAP diesel, Bluechip Diesel, GenosGarage. Everything seems to point back to vp44. Please help as this has everyone baffled and the shops I talk to tell me that after everything I have done they would start with a new vp44.