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  2. Do I need to get the center hub nut off and the hub out to take the rotors out ? its a 2WD solid axle setup Rotors dont have studs or hub just like a small sedan rotors do I punch the studs out ? or its comes off separate ?
  3. Finally got some time to get around and take the manifold off got drain tube off on the ground all good to go in now Any tips on priming the turbo with oil before start up ?
  4. Really guys ? lmao You all live in Arizona now ? never saw a rusted truck ? speaking of gassers I picked up a project today to make into a second plow truck needs a motor clean body and way less rust then my diesel maybe I end up swapping it out but its a regular cab back to the diesel, today I got the top line off easy ( feed line ) bottom line one bolt came out with the extractor and the other wont budge so I tried cutting the tube off to gain more room that didn't help ! now it looks like I will take the exhaust manifold off yet again haha
  5. Yep and I am working on replacing parts little at a time I did the two front can mounts right after the plowing season was over this year. Love to buy a newer truck but I like my 02 body and 24v so much
  6. I never have that problem with a temp gauge on the oil pan I hardly ever reach 180 and that is with a block front grill on both sides, the plowing I do involves slow 1st and 2nd gear pushes at very little amounts I start at an inch and keep going till the storm stops so never stress the truck I got an AFE deep pan that I am installing last thing before the truck is ready for the snow
  7. So after driving the truck about 150 miles at most I noticed a burnt oil smell every time I would step on it, looked under hood to find out the feed line for the turbo is leaking very little oil around the fitting and the return line as well started leaking Got the truck home very slow avoiding any oil pressure build up so the lie does not explode ordered new feed and return line for the turbo and will have to change them out some time this coming week The fun time I have ahead is amazing, plow trucks make good money but they also RUST so much
  8. Any recommendation on which deep trans oil pan I should use ? I will need one after taking that trans cooler out right ?
  9. So I got it all out, I pick on the truch when ever I have time everyday I did see that the turbo drain pipe is on a hose at the motor side it was easy once I got the oil filter off so now all is out of the way manifold is off turbo attached to it and soft feed line is still attach the auto trans cooler on the side of the block which gets trans fluid and antifreeze running through it is rusted to hell and leaking anti freeze so I am taking that off and running the one cooler on the front of the radiator only will cap off the lines at the water neck ( where antifreeze feeds and returns to block under radiator ) will also change the one feed line going to the heater core its all rusted and may just break soon on me here is a couple of pictures I took of what it looks like with stuff out the way I looped the trans fluid lines under the truck
  10. The one manifold bolt that is under the turbo is super hard to get to and thats all there it left to get out, I may have to take the turbo and manifold out in one piece but the bottom drainage line gotta come off as well not sure how I Will get it off since its RUSTED bad
  11. Radiator was replaced this last fall so that is new, will add antifreeze for now and change thermostat the turbo will not come off the manifold I think I want and try to get the manifold and turbo out in one piece I need to buy a gallon of PB blaster for sure haha ! will order an exhaust manifold gasket and may also change the valve cover gasket same day, I will try and do a youtube video but cant promise as you all know how greasy one can get working on them cummins.
  12. I got a rusted one today thank got it went in my driveway in the morning before I went anyway Now did anyone do this ? the one went bad is right under the exhaust manifold and contacted the local cummisn dealer with an engine serial number etc and they said I must make sure I have three of the same size right under the exhaust manifold ? Can anyone help here ? I plan on taking the exhaust manifold off and replace all three if there is actually three but before I take anything off I like to have parts on hand.
  13. My previous BD pump lasted me since Feb 08 which XDP had on file and close to 70k miles or so.
  14. Today I was working with the truck ( hauling my enclosed landscape trailer ) and as I am driving down a back road it started bucking first thing came to mind fuel pressure The gauge was dead at Zero best thing it happened going down hill and right next to a huge empty parking lot dropped it in N and turned it off as I coasted inside the lot please don't let it be the injection pump turns out my fuel pump ( BD carter replacement ) anyway since I am in Howell NJ XDP is 20 ride away from home luckily I broke down about 10 minutes away form home fast forward an hour and half later I had a new pump installed and back in business no hard starts and the fuel pressure is much higher with the new BD replacement 20 PSI at Idle 16 at 1/4 throttle and 12-14 at WOT This is what I picked up http://www.xtremediesel.com/bd-powermax-flowliftpump.aspx I had to pick a direct replacement so I can do it in the parking lot and avoid a very expensive towing bill Which would include towing my truck home then towing my enclosed trailer + down time from my landscape work etc I am very happy with the new pump the pressure went up easy 5-6 psi
  15. P0460 P1595 P1693 fuel lever didn't work in two years cruise stopped working over 6 + month ago fuel pressure is 15 at idle and 12-14 at cruise and maybe 12 at WOT Very hard start daily changed both fuel filters one on engine and the small one pre my lift pump nothing changed I ran out of fuel 3-4 weeks ago and had to open up the injectors to get the air out and truck was fine for a week or so after that then the hard starting problem started I reset the APPS a couple of times and does not help at all
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