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  2. Ok , just went under the truck with a vise grip and clamped it to the gate lever. Moves freely with a squeak. removed intake boot to turbo and ran truck turbo spinning nicely at idle. disconnected the hose from the turbo body to gate actuator and regulated 35psi into hose and actuator is moving gate. Crazy Also from what I have seen on videos etc about this 04 turbo shouldn't it have a electric controller on it? this just has a fitting elbow and the hose directly to the gate actuator.
  3. Ok Thank You Just will require the Turbo to manifold and oil return gasket correct?
  4. I had a battery draw down from interior light left on awhile back and I believe that code may have been in there from that. And yes I believe the gate is froze, I tried to reach the gate rod with a long needle nose pliers and it didn't seam to want to move. Do you feel freeing it up may just be a temporary fix? And has anyone successfully loosened these up in the truck or should it be removed and done. Seems to be tucked away and hard to get to.
  5. Came up with these codes yesterday on my 04, P234 and P2509. I had no lights on the dash, I have been recently experiencing no power pulling and terrible fuel mileage,Did deeper scan read and stated waste gate. This is a 305HP and 190 on the clock. Removed intake boot and Turbo bearing seams fine no play and spins reasonably free. . I have no clue if anyone had ever changed the Turbo as I bought the truck used and vague service info. Believe it said HY 35. Is it worth going into the waste gate issue or just swap out the Turbo completely?
  6. Ok, put her on the rack this morning. Caster was weak.we readjusted that and the toe in and seams to be fine now. I will see how she pulls now and hope this all is corrected.
  7. I have a strange problem here. Just had new tires installed and never noticed this before. under torque truck pulls right. deceleration truck pulls left. wheels are tight, pressures equal. Truck is a 04 not 02.
  8. I had installed a rebuilt blackwater long block about 120K ago. at about 30K i had a leaking head gasket and installed new along with fire wire? not fire rings along with arp studs. I have easy edge and rv injectors and 4inch straight all in a 99 club cab dually 2 wheel drive,6 spd. My problem started after i had a friend drive a load for me, I have a pyro guage and light on guage is inop. so advised him not to run her over 1000 and check guage at night in the hills with a light etc. My guess is he ran it up and possibly caused my now blowby. What temp is safe? Could i have a head gasket failure causing the blowby? I understand weak rings or score does cause blowby but wonder if a head gasket could also cause this from possible head heat. Since this issue i also notice under load up hills running no more than 1000 on the pyro i notice my coolant temp rises as it never has done that before.
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