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  1. jsmyer


  2. Its intermittent. sometimes it will start and sometimes it wont. Not just the mornings. Thanks jsmyer
  3. Ya thats the problem on my end to it doesn't make sense me!! I have had both battery's disconnected and measured both are 12.7 and 12.8. I wasnt convinced so I made them replace the batteries under warranty again. lol someone at the parts store wasnt happy!! Thats why I took them back a second time because they did a load test and it showed good. I made them them do a load test on the new ones before I left showed good, but the issue with the load tester is it may not show an internal short in the battery, should but seen where they havent. have also disconnect my heater grid just for shits and grins to see if that had anything to do with it. I thought maybe a large draw maybe causing the issue however my batteries do not go below 12.7 after sitting all night. I have also had the new starter tested and it was good. I should have added more when I say just clicks its the bendix you can hear engage but the starter wont turn.
  4. Just need a little help. Have an 02 Ram 3500 wont crank until it is placed on a battery charger with a start circuit or left on charge over night. I have replaced the batteries twice, left and right battery cables have been replaced, starter has been replaced, checked fuses and the relay they're all good, cleaned all ground connections put dielectric grease on them. At a serious loss on this. Starts fine if its been sitting on the charger overnight. Some days doesn't need the charger some it does. Have put a meter on the starter and when when the key is turned over there is no draw at the starter or batteries. batteries are both 12.7, 12.8. Any help would be appreciated.