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  1. I live in Kentucky. From what I have been seeing, you can get a 03-05 for 14-18k around here. Well that depends on if you can get them to actually call you back, and go through with the sale...hahaha
  2. Thank you. The guy never got back with me anyway. It's amazing the amount of people that are sellin a truck on Craigslist that do not really seem to want to sell there truck. You send them an email or text, they reply once and then never again.... happened at least 4 times in trucks I have been interested in........ the search continues haha
  3. Thanks for your replies. So I found an 03 in my price range...this is what he did to it in the last 40k "I am considering selling my 2003 Dodge Ram 4x4. It has the 305 horse Cummins diesel with the NV5600 6 speed manual transmission. It runs EXTREMELY strong with the help of a Industrial Injection Silver Bullet 64mm turbo, Industrial Injection 100hp Injectors, Industrial Injection 33% over CP3, Fass fuel supply pump, 4" MBRP exhaust, S&B Intake, Flex-a-Lite electric fan, and an Edge Attitude with CTS (color touch screen) monitor. All of the Industrial Injection parts were installed at 205,000 miles. The truck currently has 244,000 on it. The transmission shifts very smooth with no grinds." Just wondering if the injectors he put in are good quality. He says all the fluids have been changed in the last 40k miles, the clutch has been replaced as well, within the last 40k miles. He said he set it up to tow. Hes asking 13,500- it's loaded with leather, which I don't really care but I guess that adds value. Looks over all good shape, rust over the wheels... Thanks for your help! jason
  4. I simply would like an educated opinion about the reliability of a 03,04 vs 98-2002.......(also which 3rd gen year is the most reliable) The truck will be used to pull a camper and some daily driving. I have owned a 2002 6 speed, so I know common issues with these trucks....vp44, auto trany ect.... I know there are many variables, such as, how the truck has been taken care of. But are the common problems between the years a wash? ....I have read about injector issues in the 3rd gen. I have been looking for a truck for about a month, I have read so much that I have confused myself. So I thought I would come here to get some opinions....the only reason I am going back and forth between the years is that I like the extra room and four full doors of the 03,04.......(i picked these years simply to hit my price range but would spend a little more for reliability) Thanks for any help/advice you can give me. Jason
  5. Ok guys, I wont keeping bugging ya, just wanted to see what you thought about this truck.... 01 ram 2500 slt 4x4, 6cyl turbo diesel, 6 speed. Has completely stock 12v in it that was professionally installed, can't tell it was ever changed. Runs and drives great, cold Ac factory,CD player, has stock quiet exhaust ,has heavy duty south bend clutch, air dog 150 fuel pump, 195k miles will go up its my daily driver, trailer tow mirrors, electric brakes, everything in the truck works like it should. Has been serviced and greased regularly, Just put new tie rod on and had it aligned last week, everything in the front end is tight. Has some scratches on the hood and left side and a small tear in the drivers seat from getting in and out. No rust, all around nice truck. 11,600 is his asking price- ive always read that the 98 12v is a coveted truck....if the swap is clean do you think its worth a look? Asking because its not real close to me
  6. Thanks to all again! Very helpful! I see a lot of 98-02 for around 10-12k with about 200k miles... Seems like an average price for the year and miles... Thats right around our budget. Are those prices in the ball park? Thanks Jason
  7. Again thanks for the help! This may not be the place to ask but..... I found A 2002 5 SPEED with 360k He says the tranny has been rebuilt....All stock but 4" turbo back exhaust...;body looks good shape just saw it on CL I havn't looked at it yet Said he would take 7,500 for it...What do you guys think?
  8. Thanks so much for your guys help. I used to come here often before I sold my other one. The website has really changed and I had to get a different user name, but you guys are still great! Exactly the info I wanted, if I where pulling for work, yea id spec everything and make it perfect. For what i'm wanting, I can add the brake some air bags and shocks and be good to go. Yes I am aware of the fuel upgrades needed- hopefully that will be done on the truck I buy. I will be looking for the camper with upgraded insulation....thank you for that tip. I cant wait to hear that turbo spool again! hahaha- regretted selling that truck ever since I sold it. Thanks, Jason
  9. Thanks, I will look for the twin axle. I wanna get this right the first time. This is gona be a life style change for me. My wife and I will be living in this camper. Simplifying everything.....which is why I want to keep things simple. So any help or advice is appreciated!
  10. Thanks, So under 10k, if i stay in the 8,9k range I would be ok without a dually?
  11. Hello All, So I am in the market for a truck. I owned a 2002 6 speed a few years ago. I'm looking to get something similar. I would like to get newer but I am limited on budget. I was wondering if you guys could give me some advice on how heavy a camper a 2002 4x4 6 speed could comfortably pull. I guess I'm looking for a general rule of thumb- If I get a camper that is over 10,000#, do I need a dully? If I stay between 8 and 10,000# can I safely pull and stop without adding brake controllers and the lot. I like to keep things pretty simple, I just wanted to be educated before I begin my search for truck and camper. My goal is to have a stock truck, preferably not a dully, can add a 5th wheel if need be- but just want to stay in comfortable parameters without a lot of hassle. On a side note- my camper will pretty much be stationary- maybe occasionally pulled around. Thanks for any advice you can give me. Jason
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