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  2. Guys i am attempting to do this but i do not have the donor vehicle to test the PCM as the PCM has been changed and i do not have the original. Where can i find a PCI line to attempt to short to ground? Thanks
  3. again thanks for the info, I will check the resistance on that pin location tomorrow. Is there a certain number i am looking for? Also yes the truck does have the overhead console with temperature computer. After reading the article you posted it seems to me that would make complete sense as it feels like i have gone over every wire in the engine compartment and under the steering column and i have yet to find a open or shorted wire. I can say the PCM was replaced and reprogrammed by the chrysler dealership. I will also try what was described in the article by turning off the VTSS system. I will update tomorrow night on my findings. Thanks
  4. Thank you for the responses guys! After looking over my notes it looks like the Pin location is #28 CCD BUS(-) When we connect a jump ground wire to this pin the truck will run with the c3 plugged into the PCM. It still has no gas gauge,voltage,temp,oil pressure. Do you guys think this is a grounding issue or a module issue? Would you happen to have any ideas on the next steps to diagnose this issue? All help is appriciated! Thanks
  5. Jlbayes this is the exact truck that was at motor city and I actually brought it there not running so I’m thankful they actually got it running. I had had my buddy come over with his snap on computer and it did comes up with a p1693 code after all codes were cleared. We then went through and started checking the modules in the interior and found no difference plugged in and not. We did find that ththe cluster was not bolted in and could be moved around fairly easy. Other than that nothing that really stood out. I am traveling for Work until Thursday so when I get back I will try to provide more details as we were able to get the truck to start with the c3 plugged in but we had to manually ground one of the pins. I have the print out with the exact pin location I will provide that once I get back. When we grounded the exact pin and started the truck it sounded great but still no gas,temp,voltage,oil gauges. I will provide more info on Thursday of the exact pin to see if that will narrow it down thanks
  6. Guys i am in need of some insight. I have a 1999 24v cummins. This truck has been a headache to say the least but i am at a standing point. This is what has been replaced in the last 6 months and has been at 4 different shops including a chysler dealer. They have all given up but i am not ready too. The truck will only run when the c3 plug on the PCM is unplugged. This is the plug nearest the passenger side fender. This is what has been replaced IP Liftpump- stock replacement PCM- has been flashed to match VIN at chyrsler dealer engine harness has been replaced with one out of a running truck with same year and details( 4x4, auto ) ECM has also been replaced. Injectors were replaced with 100+hp from superior turbo and injection PCM harnes was replaced with one out of a running truck with same year and details I have come up with no codes as i have a CTS2 insight and it says there are none as the other shops have been saying all along. Truck runs great and starts right up when c3 plug is unplugged. You can drive it around and it seems to run good but the voltage, gas gauge, temp, speedo, oil pressure does not read.It also will only shift to second gear and nothing more as im sure its because the c3 is unplugged. I have checked when the c3 plug is in for codes and it comes up with nothing. The gas gauge and Voltage work when c3 is plugged in. I have checked all plugs to make sure they are clean and intact.I have also checked battery cables and all looks good. After going through this forum i also have changed the VSS sensor in the rear end and it didnt change anything. I am looking for anyone who may have any info about this issue and maybe how to diag this to figure out the true problem.