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  1. strange noise and oil leak

    update: i discovered my power steering pump is completely dry. maybe that is the leak im seeing and the pump is whining
  2. strange noise and oil leak

    its coming down right off that cover. but it is not coming off the bell housing so its not a rear main. and i can try to get a video but it will be hard to hear because its so loud in the cab bc of stacks
  3. strange noise and oil leak

    under the hood is dry, no more oil than normal for a diesel
  4. strange noise and oil leak

    brand new pump a month ago
  5. strange noise and oil leak

    so i found out it only leaks at idle. vaccume pump is dry not a drip. im thinking just oil pan gasket. still unsure about whining noise. pretty sure its not turbo as i havent lost any power
  6. strange noise and oil leak

    dont have any more smoke than normal, its a stock truck only thing is an upgraded intake elbow and 4 inch straight pipe to cat stacks
  7. strange noise and oil leak

    positive its oil. just changed it 2 weeks ago and its normal gold-brown in color
  8. 99 24 valve, going uphill anywhere from 1500 rpms up, dosent matter what speed, im getting a strange whining noise. coming from the drivers side of the engine. any ideas? its not the turbo im pretty sure. also i have an oil leak coming from the bottom of the tranny bell housing, right on the edge of the cover for the flywheel and the torque converter. are the 2 related? havent noticed a loss in power, anything