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  1. Fummins24v


  2. Thank you Moparman I did during my initial quest for my problem. Tested good
  3. The short story it was the vp44 Ok all sorry it took so long... but yes finally got it figured out. It took entirely to long just wanted to thank you all for your input and help. So after all the wireing checks hours on the ohms meter . I ruled out all wireing then everything else pcm Ecm "I now have a spare Ecm and pcm if anyone's interested " apps cps I'm sure I'm missing others . I then did not wire test to vp44 still same defuiling. But I couldn't think of anything else so I took the 3 month old bd 100 horse vp44 off and sent it in. Took them a week until they finally tested it they said it was good. I couldn't believe it so after a lot of bs back and forth they tested it again still said it was good but they said they would change the electronics on it for me just to make sure . Was very thankful for that other than I had to wait a MONTH until I got it back . And still didn't know if it would fix it.. well it did couldn't be happier runs like a top! The injection shop couldn't believe it when I called them to let them know that was the problem. Just hope it doesn't happen again. But next time I'll know right what it is . Just because your trucks not throwing codes doesn't mean the vp44 isn't Dying. special thanks to moparman mans wiring schematics 👍
  4. Could you please try posting this again it will not open. Never mind I got it to open on your thread thank you.
  5. Yes ecm is an Auto .i have pcm in a real good spot behind battery on driver side fender out of the elements. I noticed my pcm is a Motorola brand definitely not stock . But anyway I guess I will go ahead and get a new pcm . I don’t see any other option.
  6. I have unplugged the pcm and yes it still acts up. I thought that this test eliminated the pcm? I thought that the pcm was not really needed? Just have it to pull codes? Am I wrong on this?
  7. Alright an update and a question for everyone. My question is about the oil pressure sensor below the ecm I have a single gray black wire to that sensor and that wire goes to pin #26 at ecm is this correct? Could this be my problem? im very disappointed with cummins I took my ecm to them and told them my problem they took it back plugged it in and charged me 120 for literally nothing the only info they gave me was yes it turns on and yes it is off of a 2002 cummins truck . I then asked them to reflash it they then told me that is impossible and can’t be done. From what I have read on cummins forum I thought that it was possible? Anyway cummins was of no help so I went ahead and bought another ecm used out of Texas I feel I have checked and rechecked all of my sensors and all of my wiring . I just can’t think what else the problem could be .
  8. Moparman It is a bosh meter. I picked it up at the local Orileys for $54.99 .
  9. I was unable to upload this earlier this is the multi meter I used to perform the a/c test
  10. Sorry yes I edited my post above. I have read Mossyoak71 discussion multiple times hoping I had the same problem as him . I have checked and double checked it. I am grounded at pin 6 i also read that I need to make sure the grey/black wire at pin# 45 in Ecm goes to pin#8 at pcm I will check this today also.
  11. Ok all so I had some time tonight to get back at the truck. With truck running I checked the A/C noise at alternator and got a reading of .043 . With truck off battery's are at 11.9v and test was done at 50* Fahrenheit . Is this reading ok? Attached is a picture of my multimeter and the setting it was on when test was performed. A/C 2 i checked my pcm again I believe these pins are all that are needed to work? pin# 31 32 grounded pin#22 constant 12v pin#2 12v key on power pin#6 grounded am I missing any? here are all other wires that were needed to be connected per DCS instructions I went through them to check my connections and power they were all good I will ohms test them to Ecm and injection pump tomorrow . Green/ black- to ford violet/orange key on power large red/white- computer power 12v brown/white - vp44 to relay 86 red/green - vp44 power supply relay 87 lt green/black- ignition wire orange/white- vss to ford vss drk green- obd2 pin6 white/black- obd2 pin11 violet/brown- obd2 pin 3 pink/dark blue- obd2 pin 7 white/violet-obd2 pin 14 ground- pin 4 &5 key on pwr- pin 16 Any other thoughts or advice greatly appreciated!
  12. Thank you for that info I will see if I can get my hands on one .
  13. Hello all thank you for your reply’s first off I forgot to mention the injection pump was new from H&h diesel when the motor went in . Tonight I will go through the wires that connect to the ford side again . I will probably just disconnect all that are not needed to run motor just to eliminate those . The truck is said to have 80000 miles that’s what the junk yard told me. I say the sensor readings are high because I took it to a local shop and had them plug in there high dollar ob2 and with motor running he said the map and a couple of other sensors were running high voltage. Can’t remember which sorry. I tried the ac noise test and did not get a reading at all with my meter set to VAc 600 and vac 200 no reading on either ? It is a ford internally regulated alt . I unhooked the map sensor just to see if it would throw a code and make sure my obd2 was working and it is . Also note With map unplugged the truck runs the exact same. I will give another update after tonight any other requests for readings of certain wires or anything? All input is greatly appreciated
  14. Update went ahead and checked apps again checked out fine .pin #3 .59 volt at 0% throttle 3.7v at wot put on a new cam sensor thinking maybe it was grounding out but still problem exist I will try to post a video of the problem hopefully it will work. 2ADF65FD-6F89-46A6-9E36-65A4216BB817.MOV
  15. Hello all so I have been doing a lot of reading and trouble shooting, still no solutions. My truck is defueling itself at 1900 rpm then comes back to 1900rpm sometimes even revs up at 1900 no idea why not throwing any codes . My sensors are buzzing all over the place reading high . Here is what I’ve done. Checked vss and neutral ground,New cam sensor , disconnected pcm to just run on Ecm still problem is there . Then I tested my map sensor with ohms to ecm checks out fine checked apps checks out fine . I’m now thinking ground problem I checked them all and double checked. I was just messing around with ohms and tested my 5v on map to my double connector , the one that splits to fuse box and pcm. I got a weird resistance of .5 from map 5v pin to a solid orange wire in the white locking double connector. I then traced that back to the ecm pin #46 witch from your wiring diagram is the crank sensor sending wire. The only time I get this reading is with the ecm wiring plugged into the ecm, when unplugged I have no ohms at all ? I then thought I would check my oil sending unit beings it shares a 5v wire with map . I do not have a oil sending unit it would appear ... there is a sensor below the ecm but it only has one wire gry/Black I will try to attach pictures it goes to pin#26??? Witch makes no sense because that is the pto pin according to your schematics ?? And on top of it pin # 6 which is where the oil pressure sending wire should go is empty ? Why would this be? I am about to buy a new engine harness and ecm I just don’t want to spend the money if it is not the problem? I’m sure I am missing more but just can’t remember at this point . I am in great need of everyone’s expertise! And I just wanted to say I am very grateful for all of the info everyone has contributed to this site wouldn’t have got this far without it. oh and fuel pressure is good never drops below 11