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  1. regalia the plastic nuts?.... i have no idea what that means, but i meant to say reglue. darn autocorrect
  2. ok, im all recored , flushed and refilled. all seems good again. I did have to regalia the plastic nuts at the front of the dash. (Gorilla construction adhesive) But.... i have 2 screws left over. I wouldn't normally worry about 2 screws but they look kinda important. Anybody recognize these?
  3. I just finished mine today. one thing I might add is this: I spent a whole day looking for the plastic snap- in nuts at the front of the dash. all of mine were broken and I ended gluing them in with Gorilla brand construction adhesive. I found out later, Geno's garage sell them but they are almost $6 each. I don't know which model years included these nuts but if I had them on hand it would have saved a lot of time and frustration. Did I mention they are almost $6 each?
  4. ok, thanks . Ill let you know how it all goes
  5. yup, guilty. i have a garden hose attachment for my heater hoses.... should i remove my thermostat during the flush?
  6. well Im waistdeep into it! now I see where all the green was coming from. Not paint at all, but Im not sure what it is... copper? take a look: oh yea, you know those white plastic anchors along the windshield where the 5 screws go into to hold the dash in place? all of mine broke. Im hoping its not hard to find a suitable replacement.
  7. i figured as much.... i had the evaporator changed a couple yrs ago (paid to have it done). so i was hoping for an easier solution. oh well...
  8. is there any way at all to change it without evacuating the A/C?
  9. you know....i recently ran my defroster and I vaguely remember a slight antifreeze smell. But the plugged drain issue.... are you guys talking about the A/C evaporator drain just outside the firewall? or is there another drain. Im hoping I don't have to pull my dash.
  10. For a couple months now I noticed moisture dripping from the floor vent on the passenger side of the tranny hump. right next to the " SRS" cover (I hope that makes sense) The moisture is mixed with what I THINK is green paint from when I painted my truck about 4 years ago and got overspray into the exterior vent at the bottom of my windshield. I know that sounds strange because it seems whatever paint was in there would have dried long ago. So I am open to suggestions for other explanations for the green stuff. While I first thought the moisture was water, now Im not so sure because it feels somewhat oily. any thoughts? Ill try to post a pic to help explain. this is a '96 2500 totally stock
  11. I was working on my headlight yesterday and noticed 2 items I couldnt identify. 1.some sort of contact switch located under driver side battery... inside the battery box 2. looks like some sort of reset button next to driver side headlight Thanks, guys
  12. I want to buy a barring tool for my 96 12v.Ive seen prices from $35 up to $75.whats up with that? Are there different ones? Also, is the barring tool suitable to hold the engine in place while tightening the bolts on the damper?thanks
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