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  1. Yeah mine is in good condition as well and yes iquad is where it's at!! I listed it on Craigslist for $100 with the pillar pod.
  2. Ok thank you just didn't want to mess anything up. Are you still liking the higher pop pressure injectors?
  3. I have someone who wants to buy my old pulse monitor. He wants to see it work before buying can I remove the iquadbt and plug in the pulse with the v2 downloaded on module?
  4. Thanks I'm going to re-check valves today so I'll double check that the banjo bolt is tight but the truck has started without issue the past two mornings after sitting all night.
  5. So yesterday when I got home before turning truck off I cracked a few of the injector lines loose to bleed off any possible air or re-seat them and truck cranked normal all day today so fingers crossed that did the trick
  6. I'll have to watch it tomorrow it's a mechanical fuel pump so it doesn't make any pressure until engine is turning
  7. Fuel pressure is normal 15 lbs at idle then up to 18 at cruise speed. I rotated engine over a few times and rechecked valves so I don't think that'll be the problem plus only does it after sitting say over night. Finished it yesterday cranked a few times no problem let it sit over then when cranked to go to work spun over quite a bit before. Drove to lunch cranked as normal then when leaving work prolonged cranking again. I also double checked that I didn't leave old washer in injector hole. If it's leaking between injector line and injector (tube) will it fill crankcase with fuel?
  8. So I finally got around to installing the 103lb springs and pushrods which went well started truck with no problems and runs well. But after sitting over night had to turn over quite a bit to get it to fire off. I think I must have a leak somewhere between vp and injectors but I can't see one. I used all new o-rings from DAP and new copper washers I was a little hesitant about the washers though b/c new ones were 1.5mm and old were 2 mm but guys at DAP said it should be fine. Any ideas where to start?
  9. CSG

    Bucking in 4th and steady state 40 mph

    Load is at 22-26 2 lbs boost 1550-1775 rpm It seems to go away once I hit 3 lbs boost or 30 % load
  10. CSG

    Bucking in 4th and steady state 40 mph

    I put the setting you're and it is better I still hear a little but don't feel it. Boost is anywhere from 05 psi when it happens
  11. CSG

    Bucking in 4th and steady state 40 mph

    Yes it's worse on the default tune. I've been running it on level 3 and it does it. I'll have to try the upper levels to see if it's any better
  12. CSG

    Bucking in 4th and steady state 40 mph

    This is my daily tune Power levels 6 Rpm 3400 Valet 50% Max stretch 1700 Tps max 100 Tps min 0 Min pump tap 0 Low boost 8 Boost scale 40 Max load timing offset 2 Low psi reduct 2 Timing scale 100 Light throttle advance 2 Light throttle limit 35% Rpm timing 14, 17, 20, 23, 25 0 84 1 84 2 85 3 86 4 87 5 88 6 89 7 90 8 92 9 94 10 96 11 98 12 100 13 104 14 108 15 112 16 116 18 120 20 124 22 128 24 132 26 136 28 140 30 150
  13. CSG

    Bucking in 4th and steady state 40 mph

    I have springs and pushrods on the way so guess we'll see if proper lash fixes it. It has been a few years since I've checked them. I'll let you know if it fixes it. Thank you
  14. CSG

    Bucking in 4th and steady state 40 mph

    I am having same bucking issue as martinique but lowering the timing didn't help much. My truck is manual so it's definitely not t/c. It typically happens when tps is 14-20% and engine load 20-35%. I've lowered timing to 14 at 1500 rpm and 17 at 2000 rpm. I did some data logging with power level set to zero and with IAT low 55 - 70 degrees truck was running 19 degrees of timing with no bucking not sure what to try next.