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  2. I have no idea what options those would be... Like I said... The only thing I see that is different is the O/D on-off button... It's not marked on the shifter, and it does nothing when I push the button... The donor trucks is marked, and it down shifts to 3rd when you push it, and the dash has a O/D off light ... Ever heard of an auto truck not having the O/D off option?
  3. I've never heard that one before.... I usually use permatex terminal dressing. That redish spray on stuff... Most of the problem really was from the worn out cable ends... I tried to order all new cables from Napa, but they didn't even have half of them... Found a place online that had a complete set, spacifically for 2nd gen dodge diesel. But they were wildly expensive... Like $400! I can't remember where I saw them, but that was pretty much the only place I found all of the cables in one place.
  4. What options should I pay attention to? So far, the only difference I see is the donor truck has posi rear axle, and the new truck doesn't... Also little things like my doors don't auto lock at 10mph, and the O/D on-off button on the end of the shifter doesn't do anything. No light on the dash either. Even when I first turn the key to the on position... Other than that, everything is the same, as far as I can tell... Someone deleted badges on new truck. Old truck was an SLT.
  5. It's a fix to try to eliminate unwanted signal noise, due to improper grounding. The excessive noise screws with the signals being passed between the PCM/ECM and various sensors. This causes a variety of issues... Most notably are torque converter lock up issues with auto trans trucks.... Atleast, that's the reason I've been following this... I have a ridiculously expensive trans made of unubtanium, with unicorn blood for fluid (LOL!) And, if my battery terminals aren't clean as a whistle, it can't decide wheather to be in 3rd gear or overdrive at speeds between 40-50 mph... It's annoying as h
  6. Watching this too... Can someone point me to a thread that shows how to inspect for turbo wear? Maybe a how to for rebuild? Thanks!
  7. I have been having some similar issues with power/boost/milage... Lots of good information here! One thing that I was not aware of is that the ECM and PCM must be matched to the options in the truck... As I am just about a day or two from beginning to tear down the truck I wrecked, to pull out modified motor/trans, and replace stock drive train in the newer (to me, both 1999s) truck... I am wondering if I should swap ECM & PCM as well? Would I need to use my old instrument cluster as well? I think they are linked. Sorry if I'm side tracking this thread a little. I am just trying
  8. I was having the same problem following along... I read it 3 times, and I just about 99% sure you've got it right... I believe he is also saying to replace the positive cable, leading from the driver side battery to the passenger side battery, with a larger higher grade cable as well.... Am I right guys?
  9. So.... That was productive... You... Are... An... *******... I don't like the rims either.... You should see it on stock wheels... Looks even goofier... What part of... I bought it lifted like that... And, I am trying to make the best of it... Don't you get? That's why I'm Fuggin here!!!
  10. My son and I came to the conclusion, last night, that we don't like this truck.. He hates the lift, and the big chrome 20" wheels.... He loved the silver truck.... He was mad as FUUUCK at me when I smooshed it on our tree.... He hasn't liked this new truck, since day 1... It's a good truck, it's just not our truck... I have already purchased a pile of parts for this truck... We are going to install them... Tail lights, fender flares, all aluminum 4 core radiator, sweet blue silicone hoses... Fix the bi-amped stereo (bad RCA line from head to amps).... And then.... This truck get
  11. I figured out how to transfer pics from phone to PC via Bluetooth... Lets see how this goes. 45 minutes later..... I am having I am having dial-up flashbacks from 1998 .... That was like watching paint dry....
  12. First 2 pics : Front suspension, white truck... This is what makes me think 6" lift. 3rd pic : White truck rear. 4th & 5th pics: Silver truck, stock rear suspension... There are definitely different heavier springs on this truck. Wish I had looked closer to the little differences between these two trucks, before I bought the white one... I did get a pretty killer deal on it though.... I REALLY MISS MY OLD TRUCK!!! Note: I am having issues loading photos from my phone right now... I think every kid in town is online. That only too
  13. Hey Guys... Thanks for all of the responses... I didnt see them all on my phone for some reason. The snow has melted off here, and I'm gonna take some pics of both trucks rear spring setups when I go. I will also take some pics of the front on my White truck. I am very sure this isnt a "leveling kit". It may be a 4" lift, instead of 6" though. Thanks for all the help guys!
  14. Thanks for all the great advice... The "quote" feature is screwing up on my phone, so bare with me here.... The K&N is just what happens to be on the new truck... I will be going with my AFE setup. I love the air flow design, and huge filter. I haven't really filled out my signature yet, because I am going to tear apart both trucks, and do one build all at once... Sell the rest.... It's actually kind of nice to have 2 of everything to chose from, or sell of for new parts... Or trade for parts... I am going to be pulling the old truck, that I smooshed up, into the shop somet
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