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  1. Aaron Gettinger

    Aaron Gettinger

  2. Aaron Gettinger

    Map sensor wattage

    It doesn’t have to be spot on accurate
  3. Does anyone know what is the wattage for our map sensors I’m guessing it would be around 1/4 to 1/6
  4. Aaron Gettinger

    Map sensor mod

    No it’s not a smoke switch. Ford guys do this all the time to their trucks. Basically what I was planning on doing was putting the map sensor under like 6 pounds of pressure. Tricking the computer to fuel.
  5. I have heard that their is a mod where you can trick the map sensor into fueling all the time. How does one go about doing this I’ve heard you can throw resistors at it or a buddy of mine told me that you can put that sensor under a certain amount of pressure tricking it to fuel all the time. Does this work? If it does how much hp could you gain? Will the engine check light come on? If the resistors do work how do u go about doing that. Really any info will work. Really looking for info just on the 2 gens.