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  2. Thanks for that. The engine starts and idles perfect. And seems to accelerate smooth with tons of power right up to ~1630rpm. It seems to run perfect up to that point, then seems to shut off just like a governer on any other engine. I'll look into your ideas. It also has 319k and uses no oil.
  3. Thanks for the reply. I was just living in Lansing for the last two years and just moved back out west. Too far from home... There are no fault codes of any sort but I can try to have it read anyways since there could be a burned out light or such.
  4. Hey guys, I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction here. I've helped and been helped a lot on this forum regarding my Ram 2500. I have another question and was wondering if anyone knew of a good place to check. I recently got a 2012 freightliner cascadia with a dd13 12.8 Detroit with an eaton fuller ten speed. The manual says the governer kicks in at 2000 something rpm and mine cuts all power at about 1650 no matter the gear you're in. Twice the other day as I was pulling logs up a hill in 8th it suddenly opened back up while I was bouncing off the governer and cranked right up to 2000 rpm, letting me grab one more. Any ideas why it randomly did that and how to make it do it every time I floor it per the manual? Or where to take this question? Thanks.
  5. The service was $300 on sale. Not sure if sale is still on. https://autocomputerspecialist.com/repair-yours
  6. I FOUND THE FIX!! Hello All, For anyone with an engine light that contains a p600 code (there may be others too such as fuel calibration, map voltage, or IAT voltage, etc.) ISSUE: I had no wait to start light as well as strange throttle responses as if the APPS were failing (mine was not, it tested perfect). The issue was a corrupted ECM. I decided to send the ECM to Auto Computer Specialist in Florida and they did a great job flashing it and it resolved ALL issues. I had a p602 code (among others) which according to them was due to bad terminals and batteries. I had two family farm and home batteries (with aging terminals as MI salts roads) and they apparently could not survive a Michigan winter. So, if you have a 2001 with any p600 codes they informed me this is due to the batteries and terminals creating a voltage surge to the ECM corrupting the main processor... This is the main cause of a 600 code. There is also a limited number of times they can clear this but I am hoping that I never have to do it again... Hope this helps the next guy and sorry it took so long to post. -Dave
  7. THE FIX FOR THIS POST IS HERE!! The issue was a corrupted ECM. Autocomputer specialist in Florida did a great job flashing it and it resolved ALL issues. I had a p602 code which according to them was due to bad terminals and batteries. So if you have any p600 codes they informed me this is due to the batteries and terminals creating a voltage surge to the ECM corrupting the main processor...
  8. I will have to go to another shop. They had no clue what I was talking about.
  9. Well, I performed the attached tests on the APPS. It was all good. Alternator passed on autozones machine. The diodes look good. If it were your truck, what would you do? It still kinda runs. Can't make it on the freeway to the dealer. Can't believe it took a total crap overnight. This is crazy.
  10. Well thank you for the detail. I'll tear it apart later. If the alternator is bad, do you think the ECM can be flashed or it's smoked? ill still check the apps as this happened overnight. I mean it starts and idles fine, just a responsive/unresponsive wacky pedal. But more investigation will tell...
  11. Well, true dat. All I can do is test that and the IAT and MAP while I'm at it. May as well test the engine crank sensor too. If it is the ECM this thing is a real POS. I take such good care of it. Now I'm starting to get scared that I'll be able to make it home while out in the UP. Wondering if it's not a reliable year to own. Seems like you're happy with your 02. Enough speculating. I'll test everything and see what happens.
  12. Just left for lunch and unhooked it. No change. Starts and idles fine. Barely made it home for lunch. Acted like it was jumping all over the place. Totally erratic throttle. Just got home. Going to take the apps apart and clean it. Don't know what else to check at this point. Gonna be a long slow drive to the dealer. Well, I recalibrateed the apps and it did nothing. Starts right up and idles fine and occasionally will surge for a second out of nowhere once every few minutes. Then the pedal is all over the place.
  13. Wow, I'll check that out and let y'all know what I find.
  14. Wow thank you I will check that!! I know there are only a few wires on the alternator, I can research what the field plug is (guessing the only plug-type connector back there), and will then see what happens. You think it's safe to just pull over when this is happening and then disconnect it then continue on my way without shutting the engine off?
  15. well now that I think about it, mopar man mentioned the alternator as being a possible culprit, and one year/15k miles ago, I swear it was making noise. I think I should have that checked first, then clear the codes, and see what happens. On my way to work this morning I think I am losing my pedal. The thing starts and idles fine and drove fine for about 3 minutes. It started acting up and jumping like it didn't know how much to fuel it needed the rest of the way to work. It was like the pedal was jumping around. Fuel psi held steady at 14. I'll see if I can clean it too.
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