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  1. 2nd Gen Cummins ECM bad? swap

    The truck does still run and drive. I'm definitely going to test the AC voltage noise before I swap ECMs. And I do have a smarty if that can help.
  2. I recently had Dead pedal problems. Also Wait to Start (wts) light is not coming on. Now I have no lift pump noise before starting truck. Or after bumping the starter. I changed the APPS and that fixed the dead pedal only. Now I tried hooking up programmer to check codes and the programmer won't load up with key on. After 20 seconds or so the odometer says NO BUS. So I'm 95% sure the ECM is shot. I bought a used ECM. Auto trans, same year. I have called 6 dealers, NOBODY has DRBIII software anymore to reprogram it to my vin. The software has all been updated to some new carp. So. Will my truck run and drive if I just swap ECM's? I've read conflicting stories. A lot of them say Yes just swap it.
  3. Turbo question

    The Hx is a 12cm, the Hy is a 9cm. The Hx may run lower EGTs and you can push boost a little further than the Hy
  4. 2nd Gen Cummins No Throttle/ stuck at idle

    Thanks for the help everyone, the truck seems to be running normal today!
  5. 2nd Gen Cummins No Throttle/ stuck at idle

    I just calibrated the APPS. Truck seems to be fixed. Idled at 850, and have throttle response. Is it possible that me not calibrating the new sensor was the issue?
  6. 2nd Gen Cummins No Throttle/ stuck at idle

    I did have the batteries unplugged for 20 minutes.. Would that reset anything?
  7. 2nd Gen Cummins No Throttle/ stuck at idle

    So I plugged the sensor back in and started the truck to see if it would idle at 1,100 RPM again. It idled at 850 and I Have Throttle Response again!!?? Like the truck is back to normal. What is this things deal!
  8. 2nd Gen Cummins No Throttle/ stuck at idle

    I unplugged APPS and started the truck. The truck idled normal speed approximately 850 RPMs. What does this mean?
  9. 2nd Gen Cummins No Throttle/ stuck at idle

    Thanks for the quick replies Here are the codes P0121 P0122 P1693 These codes led me to believe it was the Apps. But that didn't fix it.
  10. First time posting, I've used your advice on many previous issues reading different forums and such. Hopefully you can shoot a clear answer for me here cause I'm stuck. 1999 Dodge Cummins, I've had periodic dead pedal for the last 2 years. Would drop to an idle at highway speed and no throttle response. Shut truck off, turn back on, problem went away. Now the truck is stuck at a slightly high idle at 1,100 RPM. No Throttle response at all. I just replaced APPS with Napa replacement. No different. -Vp44 replaced 3 years ago Some other history: -one day no gauges worked and got (No Bus) on odometer. Next day "problem fixed itself" -A month ago the Wait to Start light would not come on before start up. But once running voltage would draw like grid heater was working while running. A week later "problem fixed itself". Wait to Start works fine. So after this extremely long post (sorry) are these symptoms of a faulty ECM??