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  1. Fuel pressure gauge

    I just installed a marshal oil filled gauge on my 2001 yesterday I used glowshift barb fitting and a 72" steel braided 3an hose works great, oil filled gauges don't need a snubbed. Stock intank lift pump does 12 psi 7 at cruz and 0 to 2 psi at full throttle...lol . Fass 95g next weekend.
  2. Turbo question

    Ok thanks alot.
  3. Turbo question

    So is it worth it to switch to an hx?
  4. Turbo question

    That would be a plus. Do they spool faster? More psi ?
  5. What are the benefits of switching an hy35 for a hx35w If any?
  6. 2001 Cummins question?

    Yeah I'm already concerned. Lol
  7. 2001 Cummins question?

    Yes I have an old ottomind box it came in the truck
  8. 2001 Cummins question?

    Ok that makes sense, actually I do want a race truck but can't afford it, can I still use my banks gauges. I'll look into the adrenaline.
  9. 2001 Cummins question?

    I have been looking at the quesadilla tuners, like I said I don't want a race truck so how do you feel about the XZT box? I don't want to wire tap, will it work with the rv275 s?
  10. 2001 Cummins question?

    Thanks. I always add 2 stroke to my fuel. I was going to retain the stock filter. Explain the power part for me please.
  11. 2001 Cummins question?

    Now I'm waiting on my Fass. Trucks got 113000
  12. 2001 Cummins question?

    No I got it from Industrial injection. Part store guy used code reader.
  13. 2001 Cummins question?

    Damn it had it scanned at auto parts he said vp44was on it's way out new one gets delivered today. All I have is an old analog type tester. Electrical is my weakness.
  14. 2001 Cummins question?

    1693 code, defuels,dies out sometimes. Bucks, sometimes doesent want to start after it dies in traffic dead paddle. Sometimes it has great power sometimes a total dog.
  15. 2001 Cummins question?

    I definitely want to change this antique out it came on the truck when I bought it.