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  2. Tire compound plays a huge role too. Michelin LTX's for example. Great tread life. Hard compound = good tread life. I had to have 500+ lbs in the back during the winter for traction. Tires floundered on anything that wasn't dry pavement. Never again unless free. Cooper STT's. The first iteration. Holy crap. Toyo Open Country M/T clone/knock offs. I ran zero additional weight in bed during winter with these. Stuck really well to snowy roads. Ridiculous traction. A friends wife and kids were stuck in a bad part of Minnesota with a flat. Bad part. Fortunately a friend and I were passing through there. Got up to vehicle and I pulled in ditch. Got tire changed quick and left. I put truck in 1st, let out clutch with no throttle, and I felt the rear dig in and the front raised up. I came out on three wheels. Pretty neat. So compound along with size also plays a big traction part. It is a trade off. A friend had 285 10 ply Interco Trxus M/T on an F250. Those were crazy sticky. Treadlife wasn't stellar, but traction on crappy roads, dang. Eta - My tire pressure formula. I put a line of carpenters chalk down in front of the tires. I drive over it and adjust tire pressures until there is chalk across the entire face of the tire.
  3. Lol. Yay Minnesota winters. 4 hrs total for both sides. Only had to blue tip wrench one bolt. Truck actually sits higher in the rear now. The old school 70's Chevelle rake that I remember is back.
  4. I had really good luck with that and 6x13's in the little truck. From what I have read it was a crap shoot on getting it to be civil. I ran stock lines and .120 crossover tubes. That pump is something I would absolutely not recommend for daily driving though.
  5. Cenex Superlube TMS for oil. Just because there is A LOT of it that flows through the shop.No sense in disrupting the cart.Cases upon cases of Cenex lubes show are delivered to the shop. https://www.cenex.com/lubricants/commercial-fleet/oils/superlube-tms Fleetguard Stratopore for oil filter. For socks...Duluth Trading Company or Gold Toes.
  6. Nice!!! i encountered that Friday morning leaving for work. Dog being underfoot foot should have been a clue. As as soon as I hit end of driveway the ditch grass was flat and I was dodging airborne tree branches. I then hen rain into quarter size hail which sounded like I was in a drive by. Sky to to West coming in was a freakish looking green. Awrsone drive into work. I called the neighbors to grab my dog and bring him with them. Perrennial garden got plowed. Got a new phone for the camera. Been driving the dog and cat nuts with it. Some flower garden shots. Up at the houses.
  7. Boat ramps are slick. You need to pull the lever for some traction. My old 2wd would sit and spin on wet grass in the yard.
  8. I think I know when it happened. Was 3 weeks ago. Trucks been driving fine.
  9. Understood. Sorry. Western - things went a little sideways, got crazy. He said the hind end of the truck would start skating back and forth when he got on it in the rain. Which for a cab and chassis, some torque, and rain was to be expected. An adjective I picked up from another lifetime.
  10. No. Bald wood is dry and hard as heck. I have had full chisel skip off of the round as I was trying to lay the saw in to noodle it. My 7900's have ripped the teeth off full chisel chains on hard stuff. Aggressive semi chisel is where it is at. Try having 25 cords cut/split for heating 10,000 square feet every season. By yourself and split by hand. That was the routine until we had a wood processor show up last year. We are all busy and low on spare time.
  11. You could of already had it noodled into quarters and drying. Not hard and doesn't take much more time. I would not use full chisel on bald wood though with bigger saws. If you have semi chisel that will work much better. There are times were less aggressive is better.
  12. Screw that. Seriously. Noodling is your friend. And your Stihls are some of the best designed noodlers I have seen . Cocktails on the deck last Wednesday. Great night. Mosquitoes were not bad.
  13. Interesting. His are load range G, 14 ply, and 110 psi. Still speed rating L, but I know the truck went a lot faster than 75 coming home from Rochester. He said things only got western in the rain, which would be expected from a cab and chassis at that point. The compound is not hard to the touch. It is soft. The ply rating, yeah that's hard. If you are not absolutely attached to the look maybe try and hunt for some stock 16" rims. Then your tire choice explodes.
  14. They are all the way around on his truck. I would not fret that. Drive and steer concerns are big truck territory. Only brand new tires are used for steer but "retreads" can be used for drive.