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  1. Well heck yeah!!!!! A dyno sheet!!!! On a superflow no less!!!!!!!!!!! I stand corrected. Have fun then! You are where you need to be then. wind your shifts out. ETA Realistically the only way that works is you that have a 6speed, small input shaft , and non HO. Those happened for a bit. Because there is zero chance of those numbers happening on a wiretapped HO pump with your setup. Sorry. No way. Ive have been there and done that with an HO pump. Zero being close to yours. I have been close to yours with much larger injectors that the HO pumps respond well to and a plug and play. HO's and wiretaps = get to play with buttons and maybe get to feel good about your self. Not happening with the electronics.
  2. Oh? what has changed? Dyno'd or O'Reilly numbers? 500 to the ground is a big big jump. And really not worthwhile except for play. My old little truck had a stock intake. worked just fine. I made 523 with just injectors, pump and chargers. No electronics pump meddling for dyno runs. I could hit almost 80lbs boost on my test and tune road with edge juice hot comp on 3. Guy that bought it off me's first run was a 1300hp Nissan GTR. He stayed glued to his back bumper. Long story short...stock intake horn works fine. But the aftermarket ones do look nice.
  3. Smarty historically has never been great with autos. I wouldn't even recommend one for an auto. Manuals fine, awesome, allows you to wind shifts out to 2500-3k. Way better than my old edge ez. Driver is in control. The TS MVP is the only stronger plug and play box but a hot mess in itself because things come way alive at 7 lbs boost. Not cool drive ability.
  4. You are not the only one. I was suspect from hour 2 after install. The idle says it all. Is yours an HO model? You really need to wind out your shifts when hauling heavy. I used to regularly move equipment for my neighbor to job sites that consisted of a mini hoe and 10,000 lb skid steer on a gooseneck deck. Driving around the smoke is not a pain and not hard to do. You just have to pick your spots and rpms. Keep the rpm's UP! Oh...and if you are an HO......you are no where near 400 with a wiretap and rv's. If you are an SO with a small input 6 speed then maybe upper mid 3's. Sorry. I've been noticing the O'Reilly's/Autozone hp calculations thrown around quite a bit here with no actual back up. Not a dig against you. Just being realistic. My Edge CTS 2 does the same as well. It makes no sense to me. Why would an engine show a load percentage similar to going down the road at idle? @pepsi71ocean Man, I give you credit for hanging in there with the Smarty and an auto. Those 2 historically have gotten along like hot grease and skin. And I have only ever suggested the smarty to people with manual transmissions. A Smarty and manual is no issue. It is an absolute work around, no sweat. I drove a 400 horse at the wheels truck smarty and 150's smoke free for a long time. The truck was only a pill if I made it be that way. I could spiritedly shift through gears with minimal to no issues. The work around is eliminated with an auto. So..good on you. From an original MAD ECM guy...keep it up.
  5. Ben


  6. That’s awesome! I really won’t be able to test my ac voltage for a while until things warm up. I hope that pans out better than start up on the volt gauge
  7. I’m in. I noticed zero difference in battery drain from start up. Meaning my experience wasn’t same as @KATOOM ‘s. Trucks been in heated shop for 2 weeks. ill keep you posted.
  8. I had the valair dual ceramic ceramic in my built little truck for nv4500 it was an absolute peach to drive. Shifting was great. Eta: I had dragonfire , stock lines , 6x13s, and large twins.
  9. Interesting. The wastegate is stuck on my hx 35. On my initial test run after injector install I hit 30lbs on the boost gauge and the edge CTS. Injectors are 7x.085’s. Not exactly sure why or how as I figured the ECM would of limited boost with no fooler. But it doesn’t. That’s a Texas sized 10/4 good buddy. Ive don’t flat foot the throttle unless 5/6 gear when easing off at full boogy then back in it. Ive never played under 10lbs. It’s just a mess. Thats the magic # where things get and go.
  10. Hauled wood up from pile to roll off container by stove. 333g John Deere skid steer.
  11. My old truck with DFI 100's did also. Not so much with DDP 150's or the currect one with the DAP's.
  12. Clint my dog and King Julian the shop cat. Very very good awesome affectionate pets. Both are rescue animals. King julian is a hunting machine. Main reason why we have him was because of mice. Very good natured and personable. An utter purr machine. Clint is a blue heeler / walker coonhound mix. Beyond protective and openly affectionate. He gives hugs. Couldnt ask for 2 better pets.
  13. I had a 95 Powerstroke 3/4 ton straight cab 5 speed that I liked. Had a Banks stage 2 in it and it wasn't bad. I also had a 4" exhaust that was done piece by piece as there really were not any kits then. My friend who did all of the work on the truck tig welded the entire exhaust system because he wasn't that good at mig. lol Truck ate glow plug relays like candy and had cam position sensor issues. The truck just ate both of them. Oil was changed dead nuts 3000 miles. Not because of breakdown but aeration, bubbles. Messed with the injection. I even used an International anti-aeration oil additive. 2001-2002 I learned that 6 in a row was the way to go and got my 2001.5. Grid heater is a huge improvement over glow plugs. The ease of working on the truck was a huge improvement. And I have been a fan ever since. That being said the pre CR diesel days were very fun because hp was fought and scratched for. I remember seeing 400 hp before at a dyno event and I was like oh....my....god. I was awesome. CR's came along and all of that went out the window. My neighbor and his brother in law have 6.7 Fords. Very nice trucks and I wouldn't mind owning one. Lots of power, ride well and the built in exhaust brake. But......as soon as you pop the hood.....good God. I was trying to figure out how to change the fuel filter.....yeah. One thing I do miss about the Powerstoke is that sloppy ZF5. You could throw the shifter in the general direction and it went in.
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