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  1. Washington is getting rid of smog checks in 2020. I have had a code and it passes every time. I just say let's see if it will pass and knowing it will.
  2. Mad Bomber

    Mad Bomber

  3. I think 200 lbs, you need a engine lift to break seal as well to just pick it up.
  4. Someone in our NWBOMBER.COM made me a long bottom tap to go to the bottom of the hole for the head bolts. If you want to barrow it let me know. Never force it and with a tap it's a turn or two then back out some then for ward one or two.
  5. That also happenedto me when the truck was down my wife's car had total brake failure. Brakes went to the floor and lost all fluid. I lost a seal and was all of the sudden.
  6. You should have it o ringed since it's off. After the block head is cleaned you need to find a lone strait edge. I found one at Rockler wood. It had a strait edge in the thousandth. I was told that the studs can go to 140 tourque. And I did it the person is a engine builder and I trust him that was 6 years ago.
  7. Air causes my gauge to not function my sensor is electric and was from 2000 so maybe they build more quality into it
  8. Needle valve is only to drain air out. My psi is rock solid.
  9. No snubbed at all. Just a tee at the injection pump and a tee for a drain at the top to remove air from lines
  10. I have a electric sensor with about 3.5 feet and problems for the last 170K. When it was installed
  11. You also need to get the ground wire out too. Yes it takes time but Do It Right The First Time DIRTFT
  12. You need to follow that black across the engine where you will find the 4 wires connect on the drivers side.
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