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  1. What’s everyone running for as screens/phones? this Samsung tab4 is crap but loving the ram mount. Thinking of amazon fire7 (it fits the this mount)
  2. Update* seems I also had a bad connection at the pump tap, Marco sent me a race tune to try out......all I can say is damn it boy!!! Ole girl broke loose a bit from a 30 roll (put default tune back in before I tear more crap lol) just wanted to give quadzilla a shout out and a big thanks for taking the time for going over my unit to insure it was doing what it should and to Marco for the great customer service
  3. Played with mine a bit today since the quad update, don’t smoke near as much makes pretty good power guess before I go any further I’ll get some studs in in it, trans has already been build 6 months ago with billit servos, anchors and converter (single disk) gonna have to play around with the quad tho, I gotta have the smoke on take off in the summer time for the idiots that sit at green lights playing on there phone 😈
  4. Just plugged it back in since the up date, she gonna get a test today fo sure😜
  5. Ole girl was still on the cold side but the engine load is top right, not sure why the boost is stuck on 13,laptop says 0 😒
  6. Could I upgrade to the newer T style steering linkage on the 2wd?
  7. Really? Moog used to be the go to good to know, thanks
  8. With out shaking it up? also what front end parts you recommend for a 2wd?
  9. Mine had 280ish on the stocks and idled like crap to me, we didn’t use my bodies he build a set of cores he had. ever since it’s idled smooth enough to set a beer on the valve cover, I’m gonna plug in to it this weekend and see what idle engine load and all actually is
  10. Mine were set at 310bar ...all 6 the guy was real picky and wanted the exact number on all 6 my quad should be back home today I’ll hook up the laptop and check the above and post it
  11. Ok I can tell you I was there when my injectors where assembled pop pressure is spot on at stock guide lines with dap 100hp nozzles
  12. If I’m understanding right, no studs your pretty much limited to 30ish psi what kinda timing? 22-25* to keep the gasket from playing peek a boo
  13. The guy told he built a turbo for his buddy it was something like an hx40 with a banks exhaust housing for a 12v that was just nasty and spooled super fast, so is a 35/40 turbo not worth the money? i was just looking to get a reliable 30ish psi didnt want to push the ole 300k mike goat to hard 🙄
  14. Not really, it’s more of a daily just want it to have spunk to wax out a Chevy once in awhile lol
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