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  1. Hey guys began installing a fass TS 165 on my 01 tonight. Just wondering where I hook my wiring harness to start my lift pump. My instructions say hook green and red to battery terminals (did that) then says plug into the oem lift pump harness but my only other connector on the fass harness is a small red wire with a fuse tap. Can I solder this red wire into my oem lift pump harness or do I need to use the add a fuse? Other then hooking up this wire my install is done just waiting till daylight in the morning to finish up. Thanks
  2. Hey guys just picked up an Used edge juice w/attitude cs2 for a good deal. So I already have egt, trans and fuel pressure gauges on my pillar mount. So basically When I go to install the edge I’m wondering do I have to install all of the sensors that come with the edge or am I able to splice the sensor wires on the edge harness into the appropriate wires for the gauges I already have?
  3. I was thinking that could my problem John but there was a lot of snow in the ditch I hit and the impact wasn’t overly hard. Is there anyway I can check to see if it is bent? Visibility it looks straight
  4. Hey guys so I had my truck in for an alignment this morning and I just replace passenger upper/lower ball joints and all of my tie rod ends on the weekend. The alignment tech informed me he wouldn’t be able to do my truck due to a negative camber on both front wheels. Everything else in front end is tight and doesn’t need replaced. I’m trying to figure out what the root of this issue could be. Truck has a 2.5” level kit and I have 18x9 -18 rims with 295/70r18 tires. The tech stated it could be the aftermarket rims but also stated I could have a slightly bent axle tube. About 3 weeks ago I ditc
  5. I’m going to keep looking around to see what else I can come across but I am wondering if going with a fully built trans would be completely necessary for what I’m looking to build my truck to, currently it is bone stock and the trans has 280,000km on it, Truck shifts very nice and smooth currently. I’ve owned the truck for 30k and the only previous owner was in his 80s and owned the truck from new stated it rarely towed and was never abused. It’s my daily driver and besides that will tow my 16’ boat and 14’ atv trailer and about 6 times a years haul 2 cords of hardwood but that’s it. Over the
  6. Yes of course, he will be calling back when he gets a chance so I will have a full build list Also I should mention if I go this route my mechanic will cut me a break on R&R labour and let me help him with the job
  7. Hey guys looking for some opinions, so I’m looking to upgrade my 47re in the near future and have done a fair bit of research and was going to buy a full rebuild kit from rev max but due to lack of time I’m considering buying pre built with a warranty. So I got a quote from my local mechanic (who I personally know) and who has a trans builder in southern Ontario Canada who quoted me at 4700$ Canadian for a heavy hauler rated for 450hp and a 3 year 150,000km warranty, I will never exceed 350hp with my build so I am happy with that rating i’m just trying to see if this seems like a relatively fa
  8. So I just went and looked at the parts truck. My uncle owns it so I know it’s had a pretty hard life as it hauled equipment a lot and was a plow truck. Hasn’t been on the road in about a year and a half, Besides that the basic info is that it has 425000km and the vp44 and trans were swapped around 300k. Everything is bone stock. Motor has no blow by. No salvageable body parts but drive train wise it’s very solid. My main goal is to pull the trans, motor and axles out and scrap the rest. I’d like to have the motor for the spare turbo and vp44 and going to use the trans to build up to swap into
  9. Well update! Going Sunday to check out a truck for parts and if all goes well I will be pulling the trans out of it to either build myself or a local guy that does good work. Will provide updates
  10. Thanks for all the replies, after this feedback I’m definitely going to consider the quad a lot more and look into it more. Now I’m in need of some help regarding what to do with my trans to support the power, I know I’m going to need a better tc and vb but what else if anything, where to get parts or a build from as I’m in northern Ontario Canada and have no local shops, also what kind of price would be reasonable for the trans
  11. I’ve looked at the quad a fair bit and it’s a very nice product but it seems more advanced really than what I’d like in a tuner, I’m a fan of the edge comp and it’s simplicity and was really looking at it and the 275s and I can get them at a fair price. I guess maybe looking towards the 350hp goal isn’t the most accurate way to state what I would like to achieve but more so that I would like to get what I can out of a stock turbo as I’m trying to stay under somewhat of a budget on my build
  12. So if I went with the edge comp and 275s that I stated would that be past the threshold of the stock turbo? I don’t need over 350hp that’s just kind of my ballpark. This truck is by daily and Very occasionally hauls 6-8k. I just basically want the most I can out of the stock turbo (for now) thanks
  13. Hi guys I’m new here so not very good at navigating yet but I’ll get the hang of it! So basically I’m starting this topic becuase I’m looking for a for some input and opinions. So about 8 months ago I bought an 01 24v auto I am the second owner and previous was in his 80s and took very good care of the truck but it’s come time that I’d like to start making modifications. I’ve done a fair bit of research and have some ideas and some knowledge on what I drive but more opinions are always great. As of right now my truck is bone stock minus a 4” exhaust. I’d like to build something in the neighbor
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