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  1. Hey guys began installing a fass TS 165 on my 01 tonight. Just wondering where I hook my wiring harness to start my lift pump. My instructions say hook green and red to battery terminals (did that) then says plug into the oem lift pump harness but my only other connector on the fass harness is a small red wire with a fuse tap. Can I solder this red wire into my oem lift pump harness or do I need to use the add a fuse? Other then hooking up this wire my install is done just waiting till daylight in the morning to finish up. Thanks
  2. Hey guys just picked up an Used edge juice w/attitude cs2 for a good deal. So I already have egt, trans and fuel pressure gauges on my pillar mount. So basically When I go to install the edge I’m wondering do I have to install all of the sensors that come with the edge or am I able to splice the sensor wires on the edge harness into the appropriate wires for the gauges I already have?
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