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  2. suzukishamus516

    cummins no start

    havent checked yet, im in the military and out of state so i can only work on it every once in a while when i go back to my parents, i was going to check in a few weeks and do the vp44 hotwire to see if its the ecm, ill let you know if i figure it out!
  3. suzukishamus516

    cummins no start

    removed the in tank pump and installed a fass ddrp next to the tank.
  4. suzukishamus516

    cummins no start

    i cracked #1,#3,and #4 and i bumped the key to get fuel all the way to the vp, but im not sure how much should be coming out of the injector lines when cranking, how long did it take you, i got mad after working all day and just gave up and was going to come back to it after consulting some forums
  5. suzukishamus516

    cummins no start

    im just getting like a ooze out every time the pump revolves around to that injector, you think the vp could be bad?
  6. picked up my familys 01 2500 that sat for a few years, installed a new DDRP lift pump since the stock in tank was dead, i prime the system all the way to the vp and crack injector lines but only am getting a little fuel out, how much should it be producing when bleeding the air out, after i close the lines up and crank nothing happens it just keeps turning over, any suggestions?