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  1. roadrunner

    Broke down in Bismarck

    Yep I'm a little fat I cannot fit between the exhaust and tank to put the stock fuel line back on lol thanks again wild and free and the rest of the family for a quick response and all the help
  2. roadrunner

    Broke down in Bismarck

    Thanks Bill aka wild and free he fixed my truck hands down this is a great family and community of people thanks to everyone that helped me
  3. I have a raptor 150 it just stopped working. My question is can you use the the raptor fuel line on the stock fuel pump? All my stock lines are there and capped but I lost my blue thing that connects the stock fuel line to the tank and I don't really want to drop my fuel tank in the parking lot it snowing and cold. I have changed the relay and this morning I'm going to check for power and all connections thanks in advance Jon
  4. roadrunner

    rear brakes locking up

    We have a 2001 Durango that did that I took it in to a shop after 6 months of trying to fix it and all it was is not using the emergency brake they said the e brake needs to get used because that's what adjusts the rear brake it did fix my proplem don't know if it would be the same way for the truck
  5. it did come with the life time warranty from air dog but you have to send the paper in with in 30 days of purchase which I didn't read in time because I installed it 60 days later but still a good pump even if in 5 years I have to pay another 365 dollars its worth it
  6. I did the raptor 150 it was about 20 dollars more from Vulcan performance fast shipping and good customer service
  7. roadrunner

    tc lock up

    I feel stupid it was dirty battery cables cleaned them and never had anymore problems I also had a problem at this time when it was cold the transmission would act like it was going in to natural come to find out that with the synthetic transmission oil it expands when its hot and would read full but cold it was 1 1/2 quarts low added the oil and haven't had any more problems thanks to everyone that has helped me
  8. I replaced all th steering components and added a steering box brace that has a bearing at the end of the steering shaft and it bolts on under the sway bar it drives like new now also acts like another cross member at the shoe horn very happy with the result
  9. roadrunner

    raptor 150 install

    Looking at the lines coming off the tank what one is the return and what one is the feed
  10. Got my raptor 150 and quadzilla chip and have a few questions before install first one I have a short bed and to install the raptor it looks to me I have to mount it on the outside of the frame is there any problems doing this and the other question is looking at the fuel lines on the tank witch one is the return line and witch one is the feed now on to the chip I understand everything but what wire you tap on the vp 44 thanks in advance
  11. roadrunner

    raptor 150 fuel gage

    looking for raptor 150, fuel presure gage and steering colume mount and maybe a quadzilla if im not out of money
  12. Ok so its really a electrical because the tranny shop drove it with a scan tool and said the voltage is jumping around from 14.8 to 11.1 at the apps sensor causing lock and unlock he said tranny is fine check the regulator so had a load test done every thing is good so how do you do a apps relearn another guy want to add a wire to fix it saying changing the apps wont fix it but it worked fine the last 12 years I don't want to do that thanks in advance
  13. Are these hard to install I want to gain fuel mileage and power the raptor fuel pump I want is the 100 gph how much horse power are these good for I would do the 150 but don't want to mess with the draw straw the edge I want is the juice with attitude to monitor egt fuel pressure and tranny temp will this work for me I eventually want to do ddp injectors probably around 100 125 when I bought the truck I was told it had 75 HP injectors and it does have 4 in down tube with 5 in straight exhaust but I really need to do a fuel pump soon side note had tranny checked it had been rebuilt some time and has a shift kit nothing else is known thanks in advance sorry about the long post