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  1. BeRings are correct and 2nd is the only one having the issue all others engage perfect i have had this main shaft apart 3 times and followed the nv4500 service manual to a tee i even stacked the oem shaft to make sure it wasnt the after market shaft which is why im so confused ive checked all parts 3 times and cant find a issue which is why im asking i even compared the oem snap rings to the after market and the oem syncros so im starting to think im over thinking it . The struts on the 1 2 hub are odd to me but its my first 4500 they seem to let the collar still move alot even after they
  2. When i pull it it clicks in to 2nd but at this point it barely enguages the teeth i even tried the orginal parts and the same result so what could cause this
  3. So does the shift fork actually keep it there, its not the bearings heres a little back story its a full rebuild hasnt been finished yet it has new input shaft new main shaft new counter shaft all new bearings including needle bearings new syncros new 1,2 syncro hub all new syncro sliders new syncro struts and springs new thrust washers new reverse gear both main and counter shaft shimmed as close to .002 as possible and a complete new top cover it looks to engage 2nd good with the top on but i was refering to with out the top on by just putting it in 2nd by hand the syncro sleve just barely e
  4. Ok guys messin with the nv4500 some more and noticed that when the 2nd gear shift collar is slid in to 2nd gear it has alot of movement meaning it is easy to move back to the edge of the teeth on the 2nd gear is this normal ive serched for answers or videos and cant find the answer and would like to know before i put the top cover on
  5. In case it helps the nv4500 is 5 1/4 in shorter than the 5600 front had to be shortend 5 1/4 and rear lengthed 5 1/4
  6. By 2000 2500 decided to start leaking fron the hydroboost return line at the short rubber line between the hydroboost and metal line is there a hose i can use to patch it temporarily till my new hose gets here
  7. Ive got a 2000 dodge 2500 regular cab long bed nv4500 and a np241 dld im needing a measurement on the front drive line fully collapsed fron the transfercase flang to center of u joint and on the rear fron center of ujoint to center of ujoint im going to be measureing them this weekend to have them made where i swaped the 4500 in and want to make sure im close on the measurements
  8. Ok Ill try to contact them i picked this trans up from a guy it was a 2wd and input bearing failed breaking teeth on the counter shaft im swaping it in my truck after im done it now has been changed to 4wd new larger input shaft and retainer nee counter shaft new updated mainshaft ne bearing including needle bearings new syncros new 5th gear and all going in a truck rarly tows more than a bass boat and is stock as far as power just want reliable
  9. Ok just seems to me it would wear that outer ring haha just making sure i didnt need some thing different
  10. Ok guys im building my nv4500 and the updated mainshaft uses the split 3 piece washer on the fifth gear but when i put the nut on the outer ring of the washer stays loose is this normal or is there a spacific nut i need
  11. Yes. I need the measurements so I can biuld my own
  12. Its the plate that bolts to the trans tail housing then the mount bolts to that. I mainly need to know what the thickness of space it has
  13. Can any one give me the demisions for the trans mount plate on a nv4500 in a 2000 dodge 2500 4x4 mainly the thickness so I can build one but keep every thing at the proper height
  14. Ok thanks dont wana be pullin it back out for a leak any time soon
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