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  1. Shaun Carr--Gildea

    Shaun Carr--Gildea

  2. Shaun Carr--Gildea

    grid heater delete

    I live in CA and it doesn't get cold enough here to need them and I was looking to lower the AMP draw on the alternator and battery's
  3. Shaun Carr--Gildea

    grid heater delete

    ok thanks a lot
  4. Shaun Carr--Gildea

    grid heater delete

    so just the 2 large wires that go to the battery and leave the small wires on the relays is this correct?
  5. What is the best way to delete the grid heater and do the wiring to not get any codes? I live in northern CA so I don't need them and I have a big stereo system so I want to eliminate the extra draw on the alternator and battery's. thanks
  6. Shaun Carr--Gildea


    Thanks for the information I will try this and I think I'm going to change up the ground wire situation as I have recently read on here. Thanks Shaun
  7. Shaun Carr--Gildea


    I'm confused I am try to figure out where my communication problem .I have done the tests that i got from here and when I do the check to ground on the white and black wires my gauge does not move at all. I was looking around online and I saw pretty much the same test but the color of the wires it said to check on post 1 and 2 on the FPCM are totally different. My wires are one white and one black and they are together in a shielded cable in the wiring harness with the others for the FPCM is this correct? I have a 2001 2500 quad cab long bed 2wd with auto transmission.I have replaced the lift pump and the VP44 it will crank but NO START. Thanks in advance for any HELP my truck has been down for over a month!!