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  1. Well if it was a cab and chassis I would,assume it could have been a standard cab long bed. Correct?
  2. So to make a long story short.....a long time ago I wrecked my truck and had the frame repaired. For whatever reason I still feel weary about the frame situation because of who did the work. I recently found a guy who has a 2001 dodge dually frame and front axle. I have pictures of it but his front end setup is more or less a solid front axle with no differential and it has coil spring towers on the frame My current pickup a 1997 dodge 2500 single wheel 2wd has the old control arm coil spring setup. My question is is one or the other a better front end ? And if I could score this f
  3. you really dont need to go buy a whole new fuel pin. you can cut yours with a new profile to enhance fueling and save yourself the $100 bucks.
  4. awesome thanks WILD and FREE. im thinking hes going to want to delete it. because i dont really thing in PA the winters are cold enough to justify it. plus its going to be more of a fun truck than anything else i beleive. so if i do delete it that trans cooler up front just aint going to cut it. do you think somethink like a B&M 12x12 cooler would do it? possibly with a fan if need be?
  5. hey guys its been a while since ive been on the forum. unfortuneatly my truck is off the road. i have a firend who recently purchased a 12 valve and is paying me since i have a back round with first gens to swap a 47RH into in. he used to have the old clapped out A518 in it. i recently got the transmission completely out. a few questions i had were does anyone know the engine adapter plate to motor torque spec for the bolts?? i found for a manual the spec is 35ft/lb but i dont know if that applys to an auto to also i need the torque spec for the flywheel to crank ok and the las
  6. Turns out I looked today and the balancer on the back of the trans has a slip yoke built in. So this one piece shaft will work. I might have go get a split u joint, 1410 on one side 1480 on the other. Ill have to see how they compare.
  7. So I've been having a lot of vibrations from my truck over 65 mph. I figured it out be the carrier bearing between my two driveshafts. I did some research and found a place semi local who would build me one for $650. I start saving for this among other things I really need for my truck right now. Yesterday I was searching craigslist and found a guy selling an aluminum one piece drive shaft out of a 1998 ram 2500 quadcab short bed automatic. He said the measurement center of u joint to center of u joint is 68 inches. I went out to my truck this evening and with the help of a friend
  8. Valve overlap sounds relatively easy to understand. I think that'll work and I have a local snap on friend I think ill get a magnet off of just in case
  9. Ive never been afraid of doing just about anything to my truck. but this 60lb spring install seems to sound a little sketchy. ive read across all forums and looked on youtube and i have a general idea of how to do it. the only thing im worried about is being ABSOLUTELY sure that im at TDC so my valves dont drop into the cylinder. i was going to try to complete the job tomorrow because i need my truck for work on monday. is there any sure way to tell that i'm at TDC? i've seen the method where you use a dial indicator, (i do not have one)and also the method of pulling the injector (that seems t
  10. Rogan- yea that was what I was thinking. Right now my fuel plate is still untouched and I have the star wheel up about 3 turns. I have a 10 plate and a 3gsk for it but am too afraid to put them in with my stock slipping clutch in there.basically I found the injectors on Craigslist locally. They have about 9000 miles on them and I can pick them up for $375 without giving up my stock injectors. That seems like a good deal considering on DDP's website they ask $800 new. I want to get a clutch hopefully in the next 2 weeks and take it from there. But if I can swing the injectors then they can go o
  11. So I've been thinking of switching injectors and going a little bit bigger to something like ddp 90hp injectors. I currently have stoxk injectors on my truck now (215hp 5x10) with a 145 degree spray from what I understand. Ddp injectors from what I understand are 5x12 at 155 degree spray angle. Is it worth the littlw bit of d difference to switch to the ddp injectors? Is anyone using them? If so how do you like them?
  12. I was kind of thinking the same thing but i don't think that the special is the way to go either. Thats alot of exhaust to spool up andespecially with the little bit of towing I do it would lag bad in my opinion. The d tech doeant sound to bad imo but pulling hills im sure itd get hot.
  13. So I recently came across a BD super b special turbo for cheap from a friend. It's 64 /71/14wg. I picked it up thinking I could use it on my 12 valve but I starting to think its going to be to big to really reach the goal I'm trying to achieve.my goals for my truck are : 450-480 HP, still keeping it as a daily driver and able to do some light towing (my boat, my car trailer and my dads 28ft enclosed trailer) and also maintaining at least 23-24 mpg average.right now what I have for my truck that's not installed is :3gsk spring #10 plate with boost elbow and all the mods listed in my sig. I also
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