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  2. My truck has a rattle near or in the steering column. I thought this will be easy. Removed most of the plastic on that side. Expected to find a wire bundle rattling on the plastic. Had it apart twice. Any ideas. I know this is a stretch.
  3. USFS (forest circus) has miss managed the forest since 1936, just worse now. No grazing, no selective timber removal, nothing. When the do cut, they do extensive environmental studies that cost more than the tree cutting. Then they say it costs so much to do the study, they don't have the funds to authorize any future cutting. If they do authorize grazing, there are more rangers assigned to moniter the grazing than their are cattle.
  4. Call Valco transmission in Littlerock CA. He makes the billet tripple disc Mojave Green torque converter.
  5. You say you want a little more power and then you say you want between 450 & 600 hp. Trans will be trash in a week. May as well start there... Now if you want a little more power I would recommend RV275 injectors. They will boost your stock from 230 to 275. I am in CA so my truck is stock except the billet trans mod. RV 275 gave me 1 mpg better towing and empty. I tow at 17,600 gross combination, a tall wind resistant 5r.
  6. Your AN hose installation looks to be high quality but expensive. I spent about 3 months considering how to do it the cheapest way. I remember when shop hourly rate was $6.00. On the road charge for diesel repair was $12.00. We were raking in the cash.
  7. Try a Mojave Green TC. Billet tripple disc, gored stator. 1150 lock up. They are in Littlerock CA. It is now a one man shop but he has 1/2 million in equipment in that shop. He also built my trans with a shift kit and mod for 2nd gear lockup. I used this shop when I was a fleet manager for 1200 vehicles including Allisons at LA County. NEVER had a come back. Shop name is Valco Transmission. They build TC and ship to your specs.
  8. I am an old farmer and want things cheap and simple. I don't watch the pressure guage constantly and don't need to. So this is what I did. Got an oil filled 0 to 60 heavy duty gauge from a hydraulic supply. ($30.00) gage has 1/8 in back fitting. Drilled a hole in the floor to the right of the fuel pedal by the heater outlet. Went under neath put a 90 degree to 1/4 in tubing compression. Ran 1/4 in truck air brake tubing directly to the pump inlet. Installation done. Always carry a flashlight in center console. That is my lighting. I look down occasionally when using the truck. I always ck my pressure before starting a heavy haul. What more do you need.
  9. Ok where would you buy a VP44? Is Vulcan selling a good rebuilt product? Mine has 190k on it and I want to be prepared to buy one if it goes out.
  10. I am cheap and do not spend more than needed. I installed a raptor 100 on the frame with a push on 3/8 screen (P550749) Vulcan. NO new drop tube. Bought a tapped (tab) banjo for the pressure gauge which is manual and 3 push lok banjos (B1206) from Vulcan. I drilled all banjos out to size of the tapped banjo. Ran 3/8 hose clamp line all the way to the pump. The pressure gauge is a 30 psi oil filled mounted through the floor on the transmission hump fed by 1/4 in nylon tubing. This set up is a 294% improvement from stock. I set my pump to 18psi at idle. I have 13psi at full throttle on a 6% grade pulling 18,000 gvwc. I change my fuel filter at 20,000. Spend more if you like, but this worked for me. PS , Stay away from QD fittings. QD's are not made for suction.
  11. No tuner. The are a hassle when smog ck time here in CA.
  12. I asked many times what I could do to increase my performance on my 2001, auto. Being in California I can not run a tunner without headaches at smog time. WELL, truck got to 200K and I decided I wanted to change injectors as I am keeping the truck the rest of my life. Eric at Vulcan performance sold me a set of new RV275s. WOW! What an improvement. More power and milage. They improved my milage by 1.5mpg, from 12.5 to 13.9 or 14. Pulling combined load of 19,500 lbs. First thought this was favorable winds but after several trips with real hard 6% grades I am convinced that they are really great.
  13. I bought new RV275s from Vulcan.I beleive he said they were Bosch. 5,000 miles on them and I am very happy with them. 1mpg bump in mileage loaded or empty. Nice boost in power also.
  14. On a CAT site recently there was a CAT service topic that stated that all hard start problems with low fuel in the tank was always air getting into the return line. Air in the return line will allow the complete fuel system to drain back to the tank. Just passing it on. It made sense to me.
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