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  1. I like this Idea for ball joint replacement. I had to heat the axle yoke quite a lot to get mine out, even with the heat it put a lot of stress on my ball joint tool and took me a good long time. This sounds like a better removal solution. I will also give a big shout out to EMF for their ball joints. I used AC Delco professionals on the driver side before I heard of EMF a short time later. The AC Delco's will probably last the life of the truck at the rate I put mile on it now, but I really like that the EMF's I put on the passenger side can be rebuilt. I'll for sure be looking at them again,
  2. I've been running the Dorman Premium Chassis D1413XL track bar, for $63 from Summit Racing. I don't have a lot of miles on it....about 7500 or so, but for 15-20 minutes and $63 dollars, I've been happy with it. Get the order up to $100 and it all ships for free. When it's not loose parts, I am a firm believer that Death Wobble is caused by a combination of Toe and Cross Caster. Cross Caster is hard to fix (on solid axle pickups), an offset ball joint is about the only way. Keeping the toe close to zero, adding caster (overall caster, not cross caster), and a steering stabilizer ca
  3. If it's front end parts that are hard to replace, then I use a known high quality part, such as Napa's premium line. If it's something I can change in 20-40 minutes, like a track bar, I don't think too much about it. I bought my truck with bad ball joints, bad track bar, and bad steering stabilizer. It never exhibited death wobble with all of those bad parts. I changed out the track bar, never had death wobble. I then moved on to the driver side ball joints, after the driver side was done, I decided to drive it for a few weeks. I ended up with death wobble, scared me half to death. I put
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