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  1. Very interesting sir, I do indeed hear a whine now after installing the recommended external voltage bypass.....as for the wire going to the PCM, it looks like someone has used a pin, screw and wire to ground a wire to the firewall, but it is a orange and blue or black, I cant remember exactly right not....any idea what that is for?
  2. Vehicle: Brian Category: 2nd Generation Date Added: 2019-07-19 Brian
  3. Thanks so much, it certainly looks like everything connected to it is indeed affected, I just have to find the culprit here. I am now convinced the PCM is down, after researching the manuals you guys provided, it makes perfect sense. I called a place and gave them the information about the PCM to flash it, and they said it was the seventh one for this VIN!!! Basically everything that the manual indicates is handled by the PCM, is screwed blued and tattooed. I wish I had finished my research before buying an alternator, but it was the original, so I guess that was a hundred dollars well spent. I got my scanner, but I guess I got the wrong one, its an OBD and it turns out that I needed the DRB or something, I will return it and get a new one, so I can get everything ready for the new PCM. My hope is we can end this vicious cycle of new PCM flashes ever year!
  4. I did in fact blow that one....twice, but so far it hasnt blown again, but the power is dreadfully drained in the cab, everywhere actually!
  5. Sadly I must admit that the generator didnt seem to be the problem, its still not charging, and it is most likely one of these control modules. Thank you sir for those manuals, they are helping me immensely....I discovered there is yet another computer module in the dash, now i know where that is should i need to replace it. I am just hopeful that the scanner tool i get tomorrow can read what is at issue here, I will certainly share what ever I learn with you good folks. As for the radio, I am afraid to even mess with it, that I will take to a professional, its caused me enough pain and suffering.
  6. Well some progress I think...I was able to trace down the cause of the power outage in the cab, the fuse for the IOD was blown, and I have started the truck, but it will not hold a charge now. The no bus remains, and the only thing I can assume now is...a new alternator....but something tells me that is just too easy. Oh and the same fuse was blown again, so some short remains somewhere I suspect?
  7. Thank you sir, and yes..I did put the radio back together as it was, there was a purple and white wire plugged in at the top...I thought they were the small tweeters, but they were actually the ones going to the computer. This caused some no bus issues, and I retraced my steps and discovered that major boo boo. The problem is, now there is no power to the radio, or the port for the scanner, and I’m trying to find out what else as we speak
  8. Well thank you for that, of course I had to disrupt the one that as you said...connects all computers together, oh brother
  9. Yes sir, it wants to be back on the road just as soon as possible, thank you and Mike for your quick responses here, I am a desperate man
  10. I did check power there, and one plug has it, the lower one does not, but I must again add that I am having electrical problems all over the place, and I fear it may have been my own stupidity, not just leaving well enough alone with the radio. I do have to blame the manufacturer somewhat here, why is the computer even involved in the business of radio?
  11. I would only add that I dont have a scanner, but did order one that will be here tomorrow. I tried to do the three key turn to get a code, but all I get is a no bus....that started with a check gage notice, then a strange loss of power at the low end I am sorry, its been hard to become a Dodge man, and my uncle and I would go back and forth, but all in good fun mind you. The electrical problems for sure, but the fuel issue no, its been going on for about 6 months, or when it gets hot again it would appear...
  12. Hello all, I too am in a similar situation with my truck.....I recently took ownership from my uncle, who recently passed away and left it to me. I would normally never own a diesel, but as I mentioned....it has much sentimental value to me, I have to do my very best to honor my uncle. That said, he had spent a large amount of money on the truck, he has all the bells and whistles you might expect, the Quadzilla system, the exhaust extras from Bulldog and on and on it went. I am not very skilled at mechanics, but I am a cheap man, so if I can do it myself, I will. Still, the problems seem to be adding up, and now the truck will not turn over at all, its obviously fuel related, I have narrowed it down that much anyway. Its a 2001 2500 cummins with the turbo and VP44 of course, and the lift pump, which is Mopar and always seemed to be operating just fine, so I doubt thats the issue. It all started last summer, ive read on here about others and their hot weather problems, and mine are all too familiar. It would start just fine, then for no reason, not start at all, which forced me to wear out the starter, an d I had to get a new one. I then attempted to change out the factory stereo......and now im in a world of you know what! I dont hear the pump come on anymore, I used to release the pressure off the fuel filter, then it would start again, but now it appears to be dead. I'm now at the point of trying to decide if its the ECM, the VP44, perhaps even the PCM all since I introduced the stupid radio in to calculation here, but the fuel issue was present before that, so I think its just run its course. I would just appreciate any help in deciding which direction to go next, as I sold my Chevy, and now depend on the Dodge...which is now got me very concerned as I read the various tales on this site. Thank you in advance, Brian
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