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  1. So when I’m driving down the road sometimes my truck loses its tach and usually comes back within a few minutes. When it does it the check engine light comes on too. After you shut it off and restart it check engine light is gone. Recently I was going down the road and it did it and missed a little when it lost its tach so I drove home to get my scan tool before I shut the truck off and got po336. I have read the article on the site pertaining to the code and need further info because my 12v test light doesn’t come on when it tells me to the B connector and it says to perform test Ver-5a, this is step 5 of the test. I’m not sure where to find this test can anyone help? Thanks
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  3. I'm having trouble with this also I've read the manual install and followed the steps in the pdf and the video. I'm using a 32 bit windows 10 machine, step 1 goes successfully, but step 2 does not when I run it as administrator it just blinks the black box, but never stays open. So I've tried manually installing the driver via the device manager and its says its updated according to windows, however when I open the tunes folder the to update the module it will not connect with it. I've tried the process multiple times with no results. The xzt does beep every few seconds when plugged in.
  4. Thank you for the reply, my plan In the near future is 7x.0085 dap injectors, I just want to fix any issue I have before, although the injectors being plugged has crossed my mind. Tonight I unplugged the xzt harnesses connectors and that brought some power back evidently it wasn’t working.
  5. Recently I installed gauges in my truck with the suspicion that it had a low boost issue. After installing the gauge I have a peak of 16psi with my xzt+ module turned on. From the research I gathered it should be a minimum of 22 psi+. Last year I performed a leak test and didn’t discover any boost leaks, but I plan performing another test to make sure. The truck overall just doesn’t have the power it should. It never smokes, and the check engine light has come on in the past for a crank position sensor, but is off now. Just looking for suggestions on the low boost issue and lack of power. I was curious if the waste gate might be open, but figuring it does build boost maybe not? Any help is appreciated.
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