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  1. Imaybail


  2. Well, OK, today my DAP injectors and Quad arrived so I need to make my plans to get things installed. Injectors look good, just checking the tips, it seems that there is some waxy coating or something there. Do I need to clean these up before I install them? Solvent just from the outside, or remove nozzles and clean inside out? Also, bag is marked with a tag, “309”. Is this the BAR? Quad install looks pretty straightforward, already have a thermocouple in the exhaust, just need to put in the new one, install the trans sending unit, and FP pressure unit. Due to some health issues, won’t be able to tackle this until next week sometime, but it gives me a goal to work towards. Do the valves install the injectors install the Quad enjoy the upgrades!
  3. Going to see what kind of repair kit I can find. It’s in a convenient place to get the tubing cutter and a flare nut section. Line must be about 10’ long from front to back and has some angles on the end. Poor man has poor man ways, LOL. Gonna be fun getting all the air back out too, truck totally bled out before could apply kwik clot.
  4. Went out this morning to go eat and as soon as I backed out of the driveway, brakes started going away. Pulled back in and fluid was gushing out of the frame near the front of the fuel tank. Huge rust out in the hard line. Tried looking up this part in the lookup tool but couldn’t get it to work. Anyway, besides going to the Dodge dealer, what is the best way to replace this line? It attaches to the front distribution block just up under the master cylinder, the ties in to another block on the axle with a rubber line. Need to find a shop I guess with some long solid lines. 3/16” I think.
  5. Thanks for that, and I will take it into consideration when I get in there. Might just see what I got now and go from there.
  6. So, I’ve never really heard this before. You are saying to leave the valves a little loose to allow for increased heat expansion in the head? I guess that makes sense too. Who wants to step out there and give me some numbers to use? I’m all ears at this point. Just don’t want a lot of racket to deal with in the overhead.
  7. I guess the standard values, .10 and .20, right? Have always done my overheads that way on my 3rd gens. I have viewed your articles, thanks!
  8. Well I got my order in for the Quad ADR and the “Used VP 7x9 sac 100 rebuilt, Bosch body” injectors. So when I get everything back together I’ll be back with some updated info. Got to make sure I do a good job on the install, and go ahead and get valves done while I am in there. Pretty excited to see how it comes out.
  9. Well, at the present time my HX 35 seems to be working. Truck showed an overboost code, I found a boost elbow installed. Changed it back to stock since I don’t have any kind of fooler. Might still need a better turbo depending on how egts are controlled . Will see after tuner and some stronger sticks in there. Thermocouple has spade terminals on the end, one red and one yellow. Anybody know what kind of tuner this might have been installed with? Most I have used/seen use a weather pack type of plug.
  10. Better mileage, less smoke? I always thought sacs were more precise.
  11. Right, but I’m not sure I’m up to the learning curve and finer details anyway. How about these from your clearance list? “Used VP 7x9 sac 100 rebuilt, Bosch body”
  12. I don’t think I need a tablet attached to the tuner. Pod should work for me.
  13. Thanks for the reply! I am currently leaning towards starting with a Quad tuner and just run the control pod, and installing some +- 100 hp new injectors. Fuel mileage is important too, so I believe I will gain a small measure with the injectors and tuner. If performance is not going to be up to par, then I might see if a more modern small HX to HY size turbo would help there. Still have a well sorted 3rd gen 6.7 to sell as well and have more options with expenses then.
  14. I’ve read most of the posts in this thread, and given, I’m an old fart, but I will miss the noise and aromas of traditional IC vehicles I grew up with. Hell, even the fuel smelled better back then. Something about aromatic hydrocarbons that wakes up old brain cells for me. And some VP brand C14 Leaded race fuel WOW. But not healthy. As kids we used to run behind the trucks spraying for mosquitoes, haha. Something I haven’t seen mentioned is the Fact that there is a Finite amount of energy on the earth. In different forms, sure, but you, and I, cannot create energy. So, as the technology advances, more efficient methods of Converting energy for our use will be the challenge. I will miss the old ways for sentimental reasons, but like the buggy whip makers, will need to adapt to a world with no buggies.
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