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  1. DIezl


  2. New MAP sensor was the ticket, it instantly ran better and i could read the map value on the live data move correctly with boost. Feels like a new truck, thanks guys for the help. Hopefully this helps someone in the future.
  3. correct, but still no codes i guess i will try one though.
  4. Truck was much worse the last two nights. Would not make any power with the comp like wouldnt even get up to 55 just a complete dog. I disconnected the comp and ran perfect back home, so i called edge the next day and said they could look at it and if there was a problem with the box it would be 150 but i thought id check its power and ground before sending it out. And i found a lose connector that goes to the tapped pump wire. So gave it a shot and still ran like crap and then unplugged the comp completely and it still did it, it didnt run right with it unplugged either now. So when Im lookin
  5. Well at least some good news there, you think the surging is a separate problem from the splice? Ill have to check my splices i guess, yours were bad from the factory? Drove the truck tonight was fine for awhile then started not having any power again so i pulled over and unhooked the edge all was good with no comp for at least an hour of cruising the backroads. So i pull over again and put the comp back on and runs perfect on the way back home. Was thinking it was going to be the comp but not sure what to think anymore or try. I will check my splices i guess.
  6. Well all was good for over a month I don't drive this thing everyday but it has been fine since my last post until yesterday when i was coming home from a job interview about an hour away. Truck ran great on the way up there and about half way home when i go to merge on the interstate my power is gone and it feels just like it did before. I also kinda noticed at lockup a little shutter i think at least never felt that before. So dripley have any problems with your truck lately?
  7. So drove the truck again after work and it ran normal with the edge plugged in. I still feel like it will do this again and probably at the worst time possible, I don't know if i should replace the map sensor or wait. Dripley, what do you plan on doing if your 5v splice is faulty?
  8. Yeah it does sound very similar. I tested my APPS according to a write up by cummins i found on another forum and it passed. Also, i had a decent scanner with me today and when i pulled the edge wiring off I tried running live data I didnt see the map sensor move off 30.1 inHg(i believe that was the units). When i plugged the edge back in the value was moving into the twenties when accelerating i believe i didnt pay as much attention to it as i probably should have, Could this mean bad map sensor? Maybe ill try and see if i have 5v at the plug and a good ground, clean the connections
  9. So I unhooked the edge connections and plugged the stock plug for the map sensor back in and it ran fine no problems. So i stopped somewhere and plugged the edge back in and drove it back home and it ran perfect as well. I really dont know what to think.
  10. Thanks for the reply's, I will try taking off the edge tonight. Sucks i haven't got a code to even go off of yet. Is there anyway to diagnose a bad ecm? and is the .028 vac i got anything to worry about? I noticed one of the previous owners had put aluminum foil over the wire going by the alternator didnt realize it wasnt factory until i read the AC article on this site.
  11. I was having an intermittent problem where the truck ran great for the first 15 min then after that I was having problems. It was acting like it wont spool up, ill hit the pedal and it will be around 10 psi of boost and will just sit maintaining speed for awhile until the RPM's hit around 2k where the turbo lights then takes off. Tried resetting my APPS. I have no codes on my scanner or check engine light. I have about 17psi fuel pressure and doesn't drop much at wot maybe to 15psi. I had a boost leak and fixed it then the truck ran perfectly for about 4 days. I was still skeptica
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