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  2. Turns out my trusty Craftsman meter is on the fritz. I checked the voltage with my neighbors expensive meter and got 12.55 in both batterys. I never thought my meter would give error readings. I thought it would just die one day and that would be the end of it.I was ready to start digging around on a perfectly good system! All is good, thanks for the help anyway!scram06
  3. I checked the voltage in both of my batterys yesterday and they both were 11.84 volts. This is after sitting for 3 days. The truck starts good and charges in the 14 volt range or 13.9 as checked with a meter. After driving the batterys both read 12.5 volts. This morning back to 11.84 volts.I was always told a battery is in the dead range under 12 volts. Anyone got any hints?I did just recently have a jake brake installed in the truck and they put a lead to the battery + side for the power to it. In that configuration power stays on to it all the time. I don't know if I had this condition prior to installing the jake.Truck runs great so I don't want to start digging around if not necessary.Thanks for any help scram06
  4. Hello to all. New here and have a 2006 Ram 3500 5.9 AT. I just sold a 24 foot 5th wheel camper that weighed about 5000 lbs. We took a round trip last year of about 1100 miles and I averaged 12 mpg but sometimes towed at 70mph. Yea, I know 70 is rediculous but out in the left lane I just like to get around things. We just bought a 29 foot 5th wheel that is about 8500 lbs empty. I really didn't want that much extra weight because of the mpg. Haven't taken a trip with it yet but it is much more aerodynamic than the 24 foot. After reading some of your posts I'm thinking the weight might not destroy the MPG as much as I thought it would.Question: any of you ever installed an exhaust brake on your diesel? If so how bad was it because I'm planning on doing it myself.
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