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  2. Vehicle: Pavement Princess Category: 2nd Generation Date Added: 2018-08-28 Pavement Princess
  3. So, I've been doing bolt-ons to the motor (62mm turbo, 125 hp injectors, S&B intake, BD intake elbow, 5-inch straight pipe exhaust, and V2 tuning). I have yet to touch the transmission besides regular maintenance. Every time I step on it, I get a little nervous that I'm going to break something. The 47RE definitely doesn't like the new upgrades.... it slips quite a bit when WOT. The guy I bought it off of said it was rebuilt 30k miles ago. I dropped the pan last week and the fluid is super clean and the filter doesn't have any crazy amount of metal shavings. Before I go through this newer rebuild I want to beef it up. From research, I was thinking a triple disc torque converter and a valve body and maybe a billet input shaft and a billet flex plate. I don't have much knowledge and I'm wanting to know what you guys think and what parts I should go with. The truck doesn't tow too much and if it does, it's no more than 3,000 lbs which is my flats boat. I'm wanting to play it safe but not trying to break the bank.....
  4. With that turbo how big of injectors should I go with? I’m just basing my knowledge off of videos and guys on YouTube. And what about the stock intercooler? Exhaust manifold? Does anything need to be done to make it work. I apologize for asking all these questions. I just want to do it right this time.
  5. What if I went with their 64/68/12? And went with some 200 hp injectors? I’m ditching the turbo and putting the stock back on. Really going to plan this out before making an impulsive decision like before. I want the truck to make 600 hp and be able to DD it.
  6. Honestly I don’t really care about the boost at cruising speeds. I honestly just care about the EGTs spiking like are. Especially on a 5 hour drive where it sits at 1100 constantly and don’t even ask what it is if I want to pass someone... smoke is awful. Say I were to get new injectors would that help the EGTs and what company should I go with? Well I spent $1800 on the damn thing. I want to keep it in the truck. My bank account hurts haha. Just trying to cool down the EGTs. That’s all I care about.
  7. The turbo is a 62/74/14 I know the turbine is massive and it’s going to take awhile to spool. But the guys over at industrial injection said that I should be running 7-8 psi at 70+ mph with this turbo. They told me to go with 180hp injectors to run the charger harder. I’m thinking that’s what I’ll have to do. I’m just trying to save a little money since I just installed these injectors a month ago
  8. I currently have 125 hp DDP Injectors and a 62mm silver bullet turbo. The truck is studded and I just upgraded to the V2 tuning on my quadzilla trying to lower my EGTs because I pull 0 boost at cruising speeds. Drove 5 hours this afternoon at a constant 70 mph and was pulling 0 boost. EGTs we’re sitting at 1150 constantly and my gas milesage was about 14mpg. With the stock turbo, which was on a month ago, I could pull 8 psi at 70 no problem and my EGTs were 900. Wondering what I should do to get that turbo to spool at lower rpms and lower my EGTs. Once I hit 2k rpms the turbo fires up and gets to 45 psi quick. But until I hit the 2k mark, it’s quite and dead. Maybe I need to go with bigger injectors to run the charger a little harder? Or is there a good tune out there that can help?
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