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  1. Well, the replacement they sent me is not covered by the lifetime warranty that was on the original ECM purchase, never use All Computer Resources, their communication is not good at all. Per the message above, I expect they would blame my truck if something was not right if I were to send it back.
  2. https://www.kbb.com/dodge/ram-3500-quad-cab/2001/long-bed/?vehicleid=4070&mileage=200000&modalview=false&intent=trade-in-sell&pricetype=private-party&condition=good&options=157158|true|157158|true|157176|true|157176|true|157189|true|157189|true|6445809|true
  3. Do you know what year it is, should be 1998.5 - 2002 if its a 24 valve also is it automatic or manual? More than $2500 for sure. It appears to be a 2 wheel drive, is that correct?
  4. Did I post incorrectly or make an obnoxious post somehow? Several views but no replies, no advice/opinions on whether I should send back the ECM or rebuild the PCM.
  5. Jimbo, I had all kinds of problem like this, I found out I had gotten about 10 gals of gasoline in my fuel from a truck stop when I topped off, fuel would separate out and diesel would settle to the bottom, it would fire up and it would run great until the fuel started mixing up and then it would get a gremlin, I drained the fuel tank, and filled it with fresh fuel, ran like a sewing machine. Had my VP44 back to Thoroughbred diesel twice, they were great about it though. search my threads, you will find it.
  6. Hey guys, about 4 months after installing a rebuilt ECM on my 2001 Ram 2500 4x4 automatic transmission truck, I pulled out on the road in front of my house and started accelerating up the hill. the truck stumbled really bad, seemed to catch and then went dead. I rolled backward down the hill and rolled back into the yard and started working on the truck. It would not do anything, it would just crank over and not even try to start at all, after trying a couple of times, the fuel pump came on and would not go off until I pulled the relay/fuse. At this point I pulled the smarty out from under the
  7. I'm not sure what you mean, this is what I use. https://www.tractorsupply.com/tsc/product/power-service-diesel-kleen--cetane-boost-32-oz It says SlickDiesel Lubricator on the bottle, is that not a lubricate?
  8. After 363 days I got it going. Well, after quite a bit of beating my forehead into the ground, I did a gasoline in my fuel test, had over 50% Gasoline in the tank. I had filled up, added enough Dieselkleen to treat 25+ gallons. I then ran north 250 miles and picked up a Car on a trailer and headed home the next morning, on May 11th I stopped at the Davey Crockett TA Travel Center in Johnson City TN, topped off the tank from the big rig pumps "17.8 gallons - $3.18 a gal" I have the receipt. I added the rest of the bottle of dieselkleen and made it 70 miles south and was parked on th
  9. livewire


  10. Put in the new Engine coolant temperature sensor. No change in starting, seems to idle better once started but still shut down after getting hot and won't start back.
  11. I'm not getting any codes whatsoever. Thats why I am looking into a ground problem. My 2001 has a large bunch of grounds under the driver battery that become a corroded from battery acid but it didn't fix my problem.
  12. Ok my truck has been broke down for several months, I took it to a diesel mechanic about 2.5 months ago. He has not been able to spend much time on it, (he works on big rigs with contracts) so I got back on it this week. He was under the impression that the injectors were bad because the truck would smoke terrible when first started and constantly smoke, just a little at idle, but would smoke pretty good if you laid into it and ran it between 2000 - 2700 rpm until it cleared the loaded up fuel out, the longer it sat and idled the more it loaded and up until you run it hard. I went
  13. How is it losing its prime, sucking air?? After the truck broke down I installed the new fuel supply system. Draw straw, FASS system all the way to VP44 with 1/2 fuel lines and checked return lines all the way to tank still no start. i had the bed off during this process, the return line has a nice flow back to the tank when running?
  14. Ok after checking everything again I can get the truck to start after winding it over for a long time, takes several tries. Once it starts it will idle for a long time, once you put it in gear and start trying to back up it will start bucking and cutting out, if it goes dead it is very hard to start, could a bad injector sticking open cause this to happen? When backing up the hill from my shop, it will start surging and bumping the RPM gauge away. If you hold it at a steady RPM it will run and then just stumble a couple of hundred rpm, just a hiccup. when you put it into drive it goes dead alm
  15. Going to try to put all the information into the first post so it will all be in here: Truck - 2001 Dodge Ram 2500 extended cab, 5.9L Cummins, 113,000 miles (Barn Find) I have had this truck since 78,000 miles, driving it two years now. About 3 months before I bought the truck lift pump was not working and the guy (that found it in a barn) kept driving it around with a hard start condition for about a month before putting on an Airdog on the frame. He owned the truck for 3 months. I buy the truck, runs great for a year and starts having a dead
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