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    Gage P

  2. I finally got my truck to start and drove it last night after a year of sitting since last August I've already replaced the vp44,intank pump, fuel filler, tps and tonight went to start it started fine had no throttle and fuel level gauge. I had only had one code and it was a 122 code. these are all the codes that randomly appeared. I'm extremely mad it was literally doing fine last night and over whellemed with all these if someone could please help me out it wound be appreciated P 0500 @pull fuse 4 and 7 P 0463 @ high voltage to fuel pump P 1693 @ Ecu 121 Excelerator position sensor APPs voltage to low 1693 P 0380 @ Intake air prheater check relay P0 15 1689 no communication with vp44 and ecm P0 122 throttle position sensor low APPS voltage input to low
  3. I has someone come out to look at codes and the scanner wasn't even able to connect we tried two different scanners and still nothing we are thing the ECU?
  4. My name is Gage I have a 2002 24 valve 5.9 I just replaced the vp44 injection pump fuel filter and in tank fuel pump and I'm getting no power to the fuel pump just needing help trying to figure it out the check engine light is on no fuel is being moved at all we checked the relays and fuses everything seems to be fine please lmk tank you
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