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  2. Hey Guys! Would like to introduce myself to you (just left a post on the 2nd gen steering upgrade thread in search of an answer). Im Patrick, living in germany and of 30yrs. Bought me a 2001 RAM sport last year, had my dream come true with that - not that usual on german streets. So far i love it, even if it is a little money/time-pit as most of 2nd gen owners will know. Still trying to fix all the stuff the prev. owner did ignore long enough and make it a bit more sexy.
  3. Hi Guys! Sorry to be the gravedigger on this thread but it is very helpful to me here. I found it an hour ago and red through all pages. Maybe someone can answer me a left over question: I wanna do the upgrade on my '01 1500. Im gonna install some 2500 Springs soon which will level the front. Also im running 16" procomp wheels with a -12 offset. As i understand with the offset there should ne no clearance problems on the studs or the tierod-ends themselfes (am i correct?) will there be a problem with the draglink to the? My problem is: im from germany. the technical inspection here will not allow any modifications to these parts i think so a direct bolt on with no issues is needed. It looks like "it could work - but it also could go wrong" on me. maybe someone can tell me the "truth" :D any help is appreciated! thanks
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