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  2. Well got on the dyno and it wouldn’t read. Because something happened with it. They did pulls on it for an hour and half. On stock setting. With only 15 lbs of boost the truck would squat and raise the front pretty good the guy at the place was surprised it did having 6 six straps holding it down. Just by what it was doing he’s guessing that the truck will produce close to 500 once the chip is turned on. I’m hoping to see at least 400-450. He won’t run the truck in 1:1 on the tranny because he doesn’t want to brake the drive line. Or tranny. They hope it will be fixed tomorrow and get back on
  3. With that other guy blowing a head gasket, there’s a lot that could have caused it not re torquing them after a few heat cycles, not installing studs before other upgrades just a lot variables come into play with a gaskets. I plan on running it today and seeing what it does.
  4. So I just set this tune up haven’t tried it out to see what it does. Do you think it will produce high dyno numbers? I concider it a frankinstine tune after doing a bunch of reading of what guys run on there tunes and what works best for them I came up with this. Do you guys think it will produce good numbers? The shop is finally going to through it on the dyno Tuesday. I was thinking of doing the first run in stock and then set on 5 with this tune and then do the third run with the dyno tune that is in the downloads. iQuad-2018-11-25-09.11.31.json
  5. Ok yeah I don’t plan on driving with the dyno one. I just seen that you get more torque with it to stump the auto tranny’s and a little less hp so I was just seeing if it would worth changing it. I used the tune build to get me one started and now I’ve just been tweeking it for my truck the injectors made a big difference. The way it runs for sure smoother idle for sure.
  6. So I seen the dyno tune that’s used for tm in the down loads but with having a 5speed and having to start in in the 1:1 ratio. what Would i need to change on it to have max hp and torque. I just installed 100hp injectors last night and will be getting on the dyno this after noon or tomorrow just depends on when they get it calibrated for my torque they said. any help would be appreciated.
  7. Well the injectors just got ordered I went with the 7x.009 sac from DAP. Can’t wait to get those in
  8. Ok I can’t seem to find the topic of how to import tunes or down load the tunes from here when they are android based and I have the iPhone Can some one point me in the right direction?
  9. Ok thanks everyone I kinda had a feeling it was the map where the truck is actually making 43 pounds. the way I have the tune set it just puffs a some smoke for maybe two seconds in between shifting gears then clears up at wot. So with the egts if I push the truck wot balls to the way with the tune all the way it hits 1200. pulling an 05 expedition on a 24’ dove tail trailer going 65 with the tune on 3 I get 875-1000 depending on hills. Regular driving to work or in town I see any where from 350 to 780 regularly (800 maybe higher because people don’t know how to drive). @me78569 I plan on in
  10. So I was doing some checking on my boost pressure and was see what the turbo would produce. I’m producing around 43lbs according to the manual gauge and 37 acorrding to the quad at wot. I then clamped the waste gate line and there was no increase. The turbo is maybe a month old now. So my questions are, with the stock injectors is that all I’m going to see if I’m not put out enough fuel? My next question is by crimping the waste gate off shouldnt I see more boost? I talked with bd diesel today and the guy said that with the turbo I have the optimal operating range is is 37-45 lbs. last questio
  11. I ordered the spring will it hurt any thing to keep driving it until it gets to me on Friday?
  12. Ok thanks I’ll try that. The pressure isn’t falling any more it’s like I just need a lighter spring so that it will open and return the fuel a 17psi
  13. So found the problem with my fass it was the ball and spring. But now at an idle it is a constant 23.5 to 24 and when I get on it only drops to 22.5 is that bad? I have a 1/4 tank and it’s off the sender not a draw straw
  14. Thanks I’ll need to check it I put the fass on the truck a year ago but never had any gauges till now. So it could have been like that from day one. I’ll pull it in to the shop at work and check it over. I haven’t smelt like diesel for a while haha then I’ll change the filters while I’m at it.
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