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  1. I got to go on a long 400 mile trip today I tried Dieselfuture's tune and Me78569's fun/daily tune. I loved Dieselfuture's tune EGTs where lower and it cruised great but I felt like it was gutless to be truthful. I changed the fuel stretch from 1600 to 1800 and was a little better but still not 100% what I am looking for. I want a little more top end anything I can change that one of you think may help with that. Also tried setting 4 and 5 was not much more with the wire tap on those levels also. Me78569's tune was fun but LOTS of smoke kinda grayish black. On max setting I also got the pop missing sound but I was hitting back down hard at WOT 1300 EGT and 40 PSI boost pegged not sure if that is why. One setting down the truck ran good but LOTS of smoke but did not make popping miss sound. Is there something from level 6-5 that would do that in that tune ME78569 that I can change to maybe make that stop or is it the back down at almost 100% that's making it do that. I feel like Dieselfuture's tune was really close to what I am looking for level 3 was great for freeway driving and around town. Now it seemed when I was at 70 MPH let off gas or just like less then 10% throttle timing would be around 20ish but if I just pushed it a little it would drop to like 15ish. I don't remember it doing that before and I thought I read that around 70 MPH 20ish timing was best for gas mileage maybe wrong on this. Anyways hoping maybe you guys can chime in with some ideas or small changes I can make to get what I am looking for. Thanks again
  2. Are these timings safe with out having studs installed ? 1500: 16 2000: 19 2500: 24 3000: 28 Timing Max: 30
  3. Me78569 that's the thing I don't have boost leaks I made a tester done the tests. I have new boots not OEM im running VPMAX INTERCOOLER BOOTS.
  4. So I had just a vary basic tune setup on my quad and truthfully it is most likely vary poorly tuned. I really have no idea what my pump stretch my TPS setting should be or any of my timing setting for having bigger injectors and turbo. I hate my EGTs there at 850 or more just doing 70MPH on the freeway and just touching the pedal jumps them to 1300 EGT right now. Truthfully the truck runs like crap but I have not had to drive it a lot till now. 7X0.0105 dap injectors S362 turbo 62/68/14 Also all your normal bolt on's I do not have head studs installed but have them sitting here just need to do it so tune needs to be safe for no head studs I do hit 40 PSI of boost alot as thats what I have defuel set at no problems as of now so that can be left at 40. Looking for someone that has a setup close to mine that maybe able to send me in the right direction on my settings I have watched videos and read about every setting I do understand them but then read bigger injector trucks may like different well that dont help me at all. When I go WOT I get a popping sound people have said to much timing well mine is set to 14.5, 18,21,24,26 is that to high for my set up. Power Levels: 6 Timing Fuel Load Timing: 3 Low PSI Timing Reduct: 5 Timing Reduct Scaling: 50% Light Throttle Timing Adv: 2 Light Throttle Timing Load Limit: 25% Timing vs rpm 1500: 14.5 2000: 18 2500: 21 3000: 24 Timing Max: 26 Wiretap Pump Stretch: 1750 TPS Pump max: 100 TPS Pump Min 25 Minimum Pump Tap Fueling Percentage: 0 Pump Low Boost Scale PSI: 5 psi Boost Scaling: 40 RPM Limit: 3500 Did not put all fuel settings as I can mess with all that for smoke later really need to get a idea what should be changed in my setup for these settings Also I want level 6 to be all this truck has not looking for 100% best mileage or anything like that. Thanks
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