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  1. I've downloaded them on my laptop. i phone 6 and ipad. whats the procedure to open and use them. I ve looked on here as much as I could. Thanks.
  2. I've downloaded two files. I'm unable to open them. Do I need A file to open them? Thanks Kevin
  3. I have 1999 24v auto trans stock turbo with 150 hp jammer 5, S&b intake,AFE airbox.quadzilla v2 looking for good daily, tow and fun tune ideas.Thanks
  4. I'm need some help. Im wanting to connect my adrenaline v2 box to my computer for the fitst time. Can any give me pointers? Is there a how to video any that one has?
  5. Not sure I understand your question. I’m using my iPhone to connect to the iquad module. I select my vehicle 99 Cummins. Nothing ever loads. Says enable internet connection. Cellauar dat is is enable for the iquad app. Sped and power levels only things that work
  6. Have a new quadzilla Adrenaline v2 iQuad. Wired up correctly. I select vehicle. It say connect to internet at the bottom. Well it is. I turn cellular data of the app tells me. Only thing that works is speedometer and power level buttons. Any help would be appreciated. Thought I’d ask be before sitting on hold tomorrow
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  8. 1999 24valve auto. Had a set of jammer stage 5 injectors put in. Idle is very rough. Truck ran smooth before. Mods.boost elbow. Fass 185. 1/2 inch fuel line to vp. S& b air box, AFE intake, have a comp box and smarty. Turned them off still rough idle. Thanks for any input.
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